By Kylie Coolidge, Block 6

What Is Fascism?

Fascism is a form of government. It is like a dictatorship, but instead of one person running it, the government of that country is. They control the lives of the citizens and everything else too.

How Is A Leader Elected?

A leader is elected by force, scam, and manipulation ( well, most of the time ). Like I said before, the government is in charge, so it isn't just one person, and since they are in charge there probably aren't new elections, because the current government leaders would kill off the competition. Literally.

Do Citizens Have Rights? What Are They?

Citizens don't exactly have rights. They are told what to do 24/7, and it's as if those in charge are living their lives for them. The citizens have no freedom what-so-ever, and are killed off if they defy their leaders orders.

Countries That Have This Government

There are few countries that live by this type of government. Those that do are Japan, Spain, Argentina, Italy, and Germany.

Interesting Questions/Answers

Q: Who played the most significant part in developing the concept of Fascism we know today? A: Benito Mussolini

Q: Who was the Portuguese dictator who was accused of being Fascist? A: Antonio Salazar

Extra: Did you know Adolf Hitler was a leader of a fascist nation?