Scatter, Adapt, and Remember

By: Annalee Newitz


"Scatter, Adapt, and Remember" was written by Annalee Newitz. This book deals a great amount with catastrophic disasters in the past. As well as, how Earth is scheduled for another huge one a brewing. Newitz writes of how a global disaster is for sure going to happen. Our chances to survive this, are better then ever. With technological advances of today, human survival could be possible with a disaster coming.
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My Opinion-

This book is filled with tons of information towards our Earth History. It talks about the last mass extinction, as well as maybe one on the upcoming. I feel that this book was very beneficial to learn about the past, present, and possibly our future of Earth. This book was a very complex read, and I am not completely foreign to the detail being written about. If I had no prior background knowledge, I think I would have been very lost. Especially, when she talks about The Great Dying extinction. I really enjoyed how the author believes us humans can really survive, and beat anything disaster that comes our way. I can agree to this. As well as siding with Newitz, that the goal for us humans is to survive for more millions of years to come. At many parts this book was confusing, but when I understood the content I enjoyed this novel.

Scientific Evidence- states that, "Some 252 million years ago, life on Earth nearly ended. In a geologic flash, at least 70 percent of Earth’s land species vanished along with 96 percent of all species in the oceans.". As you can see by this fact alone, Newitz is knowledgable and on point with her theory of The Great Dying extinction. She stated how it happened 250 million years ago, and killed of 96% of species in the oceans.
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This video just kind of fits the theme of this novel. As some adaptations and things we know that could help make us survive in a disaster. Shows that Newitz is not crazy, and really is on to something...