Physical Therapists

Requirements and Job Description


The higher degree and experience you have the higher pay you will receive. It also depends on where you are working and the different cities/states may vary the salary.

Every Day Jobs

Physical therapists can treat every muscle and bone in the body. They work with any type of pain and/or injury one may be recovering from. They help regain and build strength into the particular area getting treated. Rehab may be long and extensive, but when finished patients have a less likely risk for future injury. Physical therapists work with a large variety of equipment: from something as simple as putty you squeeze in your hand to intricate stem treatments.


In addition requirements for being a physical therapist includes:

  • Responsible for evaluating/assessing needs of referred patients and formulating treatment plans.
  • Provides therapy services defined in treatment plans.
  • Work cooperatively with physicians, case managers, and adjustors.
  • May supervise physical therapy assistants, aides, and athletic trainers.
  • Requires a master's degree and is certified as a physical therapist.
  • Familiar with standard concepts, practices, and procedures within a particular field.
  • Relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals.
  • Performs a variety of tasks.
  • A certain degree of creativity and latitude is required.
  • Typically reports to a manager.

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