Censorship, Forced Marriages, and Arranged Marriages


Censorship is the control of information and ideas circulated within a society. Censorship can be through intimidation and threats.

Censorship occurs when the suppression of words, images, or ideas are “offensive”, It happens whenever people succeed in imposing their personal, moral, or political values on others.

The government in “Matched” takes censorship to the extreme by picking out what people eat, wear, and who they will marry. They also choose what influences people by picking 100 songs, 100 poems and 100 paintings that are exposed to the public.

In the 20th century, censorship was used with books, plays, tv, films, radio, news, and cell phones with things that could be harmful to others.

In the book “Matched” They use censorship to control what people see in their society.

Forced Marriages

A forced marriage takes place when either the bride, groom or both do not want to get married,
but are forced by others, usually families. people forced into marriage may be physically threatened, and/or emotionally blackmailed. Also if they refuse the marriage, they may be severely punished and possibly murdered.

This is like the book matched because, cassia does not want to marry xander, who is her match. She has fallen for Ky, who the officials have threatened to send away if she keeps seeing him.

One couple, had met and fell in love and their arranged marriages had almost stopped their relationship.

This was a lot like how Cassia and Ky’s relationship was forbidden because he was not aloud to get married or fall in love with anyone. Ky wasn't aloud to fall in love because he was an “aberration” which basically means he got in trouble with society for committing a crime. Now Society is making Ky payback for his actions by not allowing him to find love, but they won’t give up because they know their love is real.

Arranged Marriages

An arranged marriage is when a marriage is arranged by someone other than the people getting married. When you read the book Matched, you pick up quickly that they have arranged marriages in the story. It plays a big part in the book.The high power officials decide who each person will be matched with. The people have a special ceremony for being matched (aka, arranged marriage) with someone in their city or in another one. They are with this person for the rest of their life, and most times they end up in love. Very similar to a real arranged marriage.

Arranged marriages are commonly decided among relatives such as parents, aunts, or uncles. Families search for a perfect match by asking others, going on the internet, or even advertising in the news papers. That relates the the book matched because the society chooses who the people who are matched will marry, and the officials give them no choice in deciding who they will love, which is similar to real life because in an arranged marriage you don’t have a choice in who you will marry. And they use data to decide who their perfect match truly is.

In places that have arranged marriages families encourage men and women to get to know each other before the engagement or wedding. Some families permit the couple to meet several times in the presence of a chaperon or alone in a public place. This is similar to the book matched, because after the matching ceremony, when they find out who they are matched to, they are aloud to go on chaperoned dates, or video chat (with a chaperon to get to know who they are going to marry, a little bit better.