Operation BYOD

Athens Elementary's new Mission: Bring Your Own Device


BYOD is a mission our school has chosen to accept in order to expand learning possibilities in our classrooms. BYOD means students are allowed to bring their own approved device to school and use it during designated instructional time. This automatic and hands on access to technology allows our teachers and students with countless possibilities to learn beyond traditional instruction. Teachers will direct students to use predetermined websites, apps, and programs designed to bolster curriculum instruction and academic topics. Students are prohibited to be on social media or off topic websites or programs. When the device is in the classroom, it is to be used as an instructional tool only. BYOD is a privilege for students and it will taken away if problems arise. Teachers are focused on monitoring device use closely so we encourage students to help them by following directions. Parents are also encouraged to discuss the dangers of the internet with their student in order to promote a healthy and productive use of technology not only in the classroom but home as well. BYOD is a modern and cost effective technique to expanding our students' learning opportunities and we are excited to implement it in our school.

Approved Devices:

Mission Expectations:

1. BYOD is a privilege not a right.

2. Only use your device when instructed by your teacher.

3. Social Media and unapproved internet browsing is prohibited. No exceptions.

4. Devices will be taken away at teacher discretion.

5. Handle your device with care.

6. Keep your device in a safe place. The school is not responsible for lost or damaged devices-- it is your child's responsibility.

7. Your device is to be used as a technology tool.

8. Devices are not allowed in the hallway or during class outside of their designated time.

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1. What if my student does not have his own device?

The school provides each classroom with a small number of devices which students will share if they do not have access to their own.

2. What do I do if my child gets his device taken away?

School policy requires parents to pick up the device. Teachers will not send it home with the student.

3. I'm worried about my child being on social media and not paying attention..how will teachers monitor device use?

Our teachers are committed to using the devices as learning tools and students must be engaged in classroom activity. Teachers will be monitoring device use closely and will take discipline measures if a student is not on task.

4. Are students required to bring their own device?

No, students are not required to bring their own device however they are strongly encouraged to if they have their own.