A guide to Bunburying

By: A.Nichols

What Is Bunburying

Bunburying is when you set up/create a fake person. They can be sick or they could get in trouble a lot. But you would have to go" help them either get better or get them out of jail".

Why would you want to Bunburying

Reasons you might want to Bunbury

- To lead two separate lives.

If you don`t like one life have another.

- To have more than one wife.


- To have fun.


What you would need to Bunbury

1) Two Phones

Put locks on both, keep them separate

2) Two I.D.s Make sure you keep them separate

3) P.O. Box for mail so you don`t keep getting your other life`s mail at your house

4) Dual Credit cards for separate purchases.

What you would need start.

-First you need to create another name. Make sure you don`t get lives or personality`s mixed up. When you make the other name. Make sure it is not even related to your name.

-Second set up a p.o. box. This is so you don`t get your one personality`s mail set to your other personality.

-Third Get a second phone. This is so you can keep those phone numbers from the two personality's separate.

-Fourth Get a second credit car/debt card so that you can keep the bills with different personality's separate

What To Do!

1) Make a fake alibi or false person that you are going to see/help.

2) Choose a separate name other than your own to become your counter part.

3) Pick a town/village to make your second life.

3) choose where that person will live It can be a second house/apartment.

4) Make friends and keep there phone numbers on that separate phone.

5) Make patterns in your stays to your separate life / when you go to town or leave to help someone

6) Have FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Problems that could happen.

1) One thing that could happen is someone could figure out what your doing

2) Another thing that could happen is that you could not have any luck in getting to know people. That can also be a good thing if you want to relax in the other place of residence.


Here are some simple ways to get out of a mess.

Problem 1)

Someone figures out who you are

Solution 1)

kill off/end that second life/first life

Problem 2)

Turned down for a credit card/house/ apartment

Solution 2)

You might as well give up it will not do you any good to not have a house or way of money.

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