The ABC's of Bullying.

By Joel Thorsen.

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A- Always tell someone.

B- Be A leader

C- Caring.

D- Don't be A bully.

E- Explain whats happening.

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F- Friendly

G- Give A Helping Hand

H- Helping Out

I- Interact With others.

J- Judging is wrong.


K- Kindness

L- Laugh with NOT at.

M- Make the right choice.

N- Name calling is wrong.

O- Over power the bully with multiple people.

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P- Put down are hurtful

Q- Quickly Change.

R- Racial slurs are unacceptable

S- Stand UP

T- Teat others the way you want to be treated.


U- Understand your strengths

V- Violence is NOT the answer.

W- Watch what you say

X Except others for who they are.

Y- You can stop Bully's

Z- Zero tolerance for bully's.

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