Independent Study Updates

April, 2018

General Information

Spring is upon us and the school year is beginning to wind down. Excluding our spring break next week, there are only 8 weeks left in the school year. Time will go by fast.

Please spend time in our classroom if you need a quiet, focused environment to complete assignments.

Our math tutor is available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 11:00-1:00. If you are behind in your math class, or need assistance, please come while he is here.

Please take the time to read through this newsletter for important updates.

Upcoming Holidays, and School Closures

April 5th- Classroom closed until 11:30. I have a meeting

April 5th- April 9th- Smarter Balanced Test- last week for Juniors to complete the test. Seniors have signed up for a date/time for the science test taking place this week- this is a field test given to all seniors and scores will not be reported. The state is evaluating the test.

April 9-13th- Spring Break for SUHSD. The classroom will be closed. Community college classes will meet as scheduled.

April 26th- Last day to withdraw from a community college course with a W.

April 27th and April 30th- Classroom closed. I will be out of town.

May 5th- SAT Test Date (register by April 6th).

May 19-25th- Final Exams for community college classes as scheduled.

May 28th- Memorial Day classroom closed.

June 1st- ISP Graduation.

June 2nd- SAT Test Date (register by May 3rd).

June 7th Last Student Day for SUHSD students.

Summer School

There are three options for Independent Study students for summer school. Please let me know if you are interested.

  1. Community College courses. You will need to complete a Concurrent Enrollment form if you intend to take a course in the summer. The forms are available in our classroom. Click on this link to review the summer courses that are available, and discuss this with me during our scheduled student meeting.
  2. SUHSD Summer School at your home school. Summer school is offered for students who are credit deficient. Talk to your home school counselor to determine your eligibility and discuss options if you are interested in participating in summer school. Signs ups are taking place now. Summer school dates: June 18th-July 26th, 2018.
  3. Independent Study Summer School- I do not work in the summer but the district will hire an ISP teacher. Details are not yet available, but, once I know a location and a teacher, I will let students know. Please let me know if you are interested in this option. The dates will be the same as the district summer school dates. Students who are credit deficient may participate.

Seniors and Senior Parents

All seniors must be finished with their ISP coursework by May 31, 2018, to allow home schools time to approve transcripts for graduation.

Home schools do not release diplomas to students who have outstanding fines, including textbooks and library books. They also do not allow participation in graduation. Please make sure you are cleared. Check with the library now and take care of this if needed.

Seniors must update their Naviance account (college tab) with the name of the college you will attend in the fall. Students who applied to 4 year college must indicate which college you will attend so home schools know where to send final transcripts. Students who are attending a community college must indicate this in Naviance as well.

All seniors are required to complete the Senior Survey in Naviance. Most school sites make this available in May. I will remind you!

Seniors who will attend Cañada College in the fall of 2018 should have already applied, completed the FAFSA, Promise Scholarship application and signed up for PEP (Priority Enrollment). See the links below as needed if you have not yet done this. Talk to me if you need assistance. Cañada Application Promise Scholarship Priority Enrollment Program (PEP)

All incoming Cañada College students who applied for the Promise Scholarship must also attend the Connect to College Workshop on Thursday, April 26th. This is mandatory. Click on this link to read more about this event and to register: Connect to College

Independent Study Graduation- June 1st, 2018 at 1:00 at the Sequoia Union High School District Office. Students will receive invitations later this week to share with family and friends.

Home School Graduation- If you intend participate in your home school graduation remember, it is your responsibility to make sure you adhere to deadlines and follow through with their participation requirements. Information is posted on school websites.

Fall Semester Independent Study Information

Please let me know as soon as possible if you do not intend to remain enrolled in ISP in the fall.

  • If you intend to take a class at your home school next year you need to let me know and schedule an appointment with your home school guidance counselor to let them know what class you intend to take. Lab science is highly recommended since it is not offered in ISP.
  • Fall semester community college schedules should be available through Webschedule some time this month and in print by the beginning of May. I will let you know when the schedules are available.

Here is a link to the Cañada College Academic Calendar for 2018-2019 for your reference:

Here is a link to the SUHSD Academic Calendar for 2018-2019 for your reference: