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December 13, 2015

Happy Retirement! You will be Missed!

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Message from the Principal

We wrapped up another busy week with the naming of Jeff Rexford as the new Principal of Lorenzo Walker Technical High School; the recognition of Bruce Peters as a Teacher of Distinction; the SCORE Luncheon; the CCPS Legislative Luncheon; and the GGE 5th grade tours. Senator Garrett Richter, Representative Kathleen Passidomo and Representative Matt Hudson along with CCPS Board Members, Dr. Patton and her cabinet members got an awesome tour of the technical programs. As always, people left impressed with the quality educational programming our students are receiving. But no one left more impressed than the 5th graders; at the end of my message is a testimonial from one of the students sharing her thoughts. She should be on "Kids say the Darnest Things". She is proof positive that people who walk into our building are noticing what is happening in the classrooms - active learning.

As we say good-bye to 2015 it is also time to say goodbye to Diane Long, a valuable member of the LWTC/LWTHS family, who has poured her heart and soul into our school for over 30 years. There is no one that puts in longer days at work than Diane. Many a days when I leave work, Diane's truck is still in the parking lot. For years, Diane has been part of local and state initiatives to ensure adult with disabilities had access to education and will leave a huge void. She has such a huge heart that she is the proud owner of a dog with disabilities that gets around on his modified wheelchair. We wish her the best as she transitions to Citrus County where she will enjoy peace and quiet in the country along with her husband and animals.

To help close out 2015, stop by the Holiday Luncheon on Friday in dining rooms A and B at 11:30 a.m. and enjoy the company of your colleagues and some good food. I hear that Santa is not making an appearance this year but will be sending his elf with a gift for all.

Future Students

5th grader

CCPS Legislative Luncheon

Tech Corner

Holiday Tech Gifts Looking to buy anything ‘tech’ for friends or family (or yourself!) this holiday, check out CNet’s Gift Ideas - their recommendations range from gaming to car & home technology, as well as the ever-popular wearables and computers.

There’s an App for that!

  • This one is for your students, but there’s a payoff for you, too! We are well into BYOD, but there’s still a challenge in avoiding the ‘cell phone police’ role. Pocket Police gives students rewards when they DON’T use their phone in class - all they have to do is open the application, lock their phone, and build points (redeemable for discounts at local stores) for every hour they don’t touch it! Pass it on…. :)

  • Ready for a little news trivia? The Newsmeister app challenges you with daily news trivia. This might be a way to get a family rivarly started.


  • 12/17 New Student Orientation 1:00 p.m.
  • 12/17 and 12/18 are regularly scheduled District in-service days. LWTHS teachers, see your department leader for the information and LWTC teachers refer to the email sent to you last week.
  • Holiday Luncheon on 12/18 at 11:30 p.m. in dining room A and B. The ornament exchange will take place at this event for those of you participating in the exchange.
  • The Wellness Champions are organizing a "Biggest Loser" contest. The weigh in will take place January 6. The contest rules are below.
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  • Last week, Ray sent out an email regarding iBriefing #7263 requires that all staff view the Safe Schools Health Emergencies: Life-Threatening Allergies online course located at This 15 minute training is to be completed by the end of this calendar year, so please complete it before you leave this Winter Break. Ray will be following up with you if you do not complete the training by Friday.

  • The Angel tree has angels for the taking. If you are interested in buying a gift for a child of one our students, stop by and get and Angel from the tree located in the LWTC lobby.
  • PLT reflections are due December 30th
  • Don't forget to nominate a staff member for the month of December by clicking on the Padlet link . Type the name of the nominated staff member in the "Title" portion of the Padlet post and your reasoning in the body of the post. Also you can nominate by grade level a student for the month of December by clicking the appropriate link below. Follow the same protocol of putting the student name as the title and reason for nominating in the body of the posting.
Post-Secondary Link:
9th grade Link:
10th grade Link:
11th grade Link:
12th grade Link:

Spotlight on LWTHS Staff Member

Donna Lang got involved in education volunteering at her son’s elementary school. She said the best part of her job is seeing students who are truly dedicated, who takes risks, and question the norm. If she wasn't teaching, she would operate a camp for kids and families where people could enjoy nature. Her hobbies are watching stand-up comedy and hosting an event called Murder Mystery parties. Her greatest accomplishments are raising her two sons. She spent loads of time with her boys and often went on road trips. If, Ms. Lang could live anywhere she would relocate to Africa. She loves the feel of all the nature and enjoys how different Africa is in general. Her favorite time of the year is fall. New York fall, where she was born, because it is cooler, leaves change colors, and it's also football season. Donna played catcher for softball in high school and married her high school sweetheart.

Spotlight on LWTC Staff Member

Dr. Dan Becker is a new instructor to LWTC, teaching the Vet-Assisting Program. Before moving to Naples he lived in Naperville, IL, where he worked as a Veterinarian. As a Vet, he always enjoyed teaching the technicians and assistants in his clinic. Dr. Becker loves to golf. His favorite vacation spot is Hawaii, but he is thrilled to be living in Naples, close to his family. At one time, Dr. Dan met President George Bush and his wife Barbara. His favorite time of year is Thanksgiving, again, because of his close connection to his family. We are lucky to have a person of his talents and experience teaching at our school.


  • Ariel Pechokas for donating his time and taking Key Club student to volunteers at Parkside Elementary for their Winter Wonderland event.

  • To Susan Resatar, Chris Fowler, Armando Padilla, Tony Singleton, Bud Ray, John Mazzarella, Bruce Peters, Lorie Mitchell, Chef Geri, Chef Abo, Annie Stout, Brenda Stevens-Harrison, and students for making the 5th grade tours a success.

  • Nancy Turmelle, Tony Singleton, Armando Padilla, Chris Fowler and Annie Stout for bragging about our programs to the Legislative delegation

  • Chef Geri, Chef Chris, Jean Carderelli, Lupe, Alieuska Jimenez, and Guadalupe Centeno for all the holiday treats they prepare for the luncheons, receptions, gatherings, etc.

  • Jeannette Kostka and all the students for walking in the Christmas parade on 5th

  • Valerie Guillame and Threasa Miller for representing Adult and Community Ed at the Counselor's breakfast.

  • Debra Young and Heidi Duff for assisting our students in obtaining outside scholarships to continue their studies.

  • Tony Singleton for complying with all requirements of the Federal Aviation Regulations and receiving the Air Agency Certificate from the FAA.

Happy Birthday

13 - Lynne Bruce

14 - Chris Fowler

15 - Dan Miller

27 - Jean Cardarelli

29 - Ariel Pechokas

Upcoming Staff Meetings and Trainings

Upcoming Student Events

  • 1/7 Dental Assisting Field Trip, Pearson Test Center 6:00am - 9:00 pm- Jeanette Kostka
  • 1/8 Networking Field Trip, Skylink Data Centers 7:30 am - 1:30 pm- Bren Harrison