4th Grade Update

Week of April 5


  • Students will be skating during PE classes between the dates of April 6 to April 20. On PE days, students may bring long socks and a hat to wear underneath their helmets. Plastic hats will be provided for those who do not bring one.
  • Austin field trip t-shirt flyers are due by Friday so we can order everybody's shirts!
  • May 4: Parent information meeting (7:15 a.m.) regarding our Austin field trip.
  • May 9: Math STAAR
  • May 10: Reading STAAR
  • May 12: STAAR Make Up Day if needed
  • May 25: Fourth graders go to Austin!

In the Classroom

LANGUAGE ARTS: Narrative poetry writing; cursive handwriting; adverbs

READING: Comparing and contrasting texts; Pom Pom Poetry is April 15 (Robert Frost poem)

MATH: Customary units of length, weight, and liquid

SCIENCE: Patterns of change on Earth (seasons)

SOCIAL STUDIES: Texas is Annexed

EXCELerator Awards

This week's EXCELerator award winner is:

Mrs. Roby's homeroom: Maddy Glass

Mrs. Osborne's homeroom: Will Currie

Congratulations Maddy and Will!