Mrs. Hughes 4th Grade News

See what's going on in fourth grade

All about me!

I recently attended the University of Houston to obtain my degree in teaching to fufill my love for education, and being apart of the education life long process. I enjoy teaching all grades but I am excited about this year's smart and eager students'. Some of my hobbies include traveling to learn new and exciting different things to include inside and outside of the classroom.

Fun, Exciting, Educational Game!

Hello parents, Are your children having difficulty with fractions? “No Problem!” There is

a new fun and exciting game that gives students who are having trouble or need extra

practice with fractions a great way to learn while having fun. “Dirt Bike Proportions,” is

a new racing game that will have students infatuated with proportions. It is a competitive

game that allows the student to express their educational and also competitive skills. The

students will be asked to solve numerous fraction proportions, and as the questions are

answered correctly, the student progresses to first place in the race. We will be learning

how to cross multiply and reduce fractions this week, so this game would be great

practice. The students are already experiencing great progress from the game in class, so

it would be great if they could experience the same fun at home. Here is a link

proportions.html Laregilon Hughes.

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Dress for Success

Dress Code:

1. The student can wear navy blue, red, or white collard shirts only.

2. The student can wear solid color black or navy blue pants.

3. There will not be any large accessories allowed in school.

4. There will not be any hats allowed in school.

5. There will not be any shorts and skirts more than three inches above the knee

6. The students hair should be a natural color.

There will not be any inappropriately ripped or torn clothing.

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What we will be learning this month!

Mathematics-We will be learning to solve multi step equations with a letter standing for the unknown quantity.

Social Studies-We will be learning the history of Christopher Columbus.

Science-We will be learning to use safe pratices and the use of safety equipment.

English-We will be learning to summarize and explain the theme of a work of fiction.

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What will we learn first?

"Data Handling" worksheets, includes a variety of questions that will help the students master place value. I use the worksheets for a warm up or homework assignment, but this will be great extra pratice at home. Students will have to utilize place value throughout their educational journey, and this activity gives them a variety of questions to help them get a better understanding of place value in base ten. Students are learning and practicing organizing, categorizing, and matching skills. Students are asked to categorize numbers with the same hundreds place, even tens place, odd thousands place, and many other questions. I feel that this activity is valuable, because the students will build on this concept in fifth grade, while learning basic algebraic expressions.