Nonfiction EBook Library

It's not just for the U.S. History paper!

What can you do with 75,000+ full-text titles to support YOUR teaching?

Before you have your students spend a ton of $$ on textbooks, consider the e-book library to which we already subscribe: Proquest eBrary! It has current and (mostly) college-level books that you would find in a large library. Even if you only use one chapter from several books, it is simple to make a folder and share it with your students. Easy-to-use highlighter, note taking, and citation tools, too! You already have a login and so do your students. Not using it yet? It is not too late to think about how you can use these powerful resources next year. There is also an app for that!

No foolin'! This huge eBook library can support teaching and learning in your classroom.

Bring your laptop to the library on Wednesday, April 1 at lunch and explore the e-book library with Barb and your colleagues to see how your can support or supplant the textbook and curate a dynamic collection of books or chapters for student use. Give students a variety of voices from which to learn!