book report

my non-fiction book report about titanic

title/author info

the author of the book is Steve Noon.Steve Noon is a British illustrator, born in Kent, England. Since 1985, Noon has worked as a professional artist. Noon attended art college in Cornwall. the title of the book is Story Of The Titanic.

basic information.

This DK classic being brought back in print tells the story of the "Titanic's" fateful voyage through vivid original artwork.

gaureteed a good book!

why this topic is important to me and main points in book!

i like this topic because i just love the story of titanic its so sad but amazing. main points in the book are when it explains how the titanic sank and pictures of what it was like for the people.

history backround information

the titanic sank over 100 years ago and its still remembered today the book explains all about it.!