Electrical and Electronic Engineer

The job of electrical design

What do they do?

They can design the electrical lighting for a skyscraper, make a remote controlled toy car, make a machine to make cars or other machines, or even design a safe tracker to help scientists study the lives of wild animals.

Things They Made

The Requirements

You must be creative, detail oriented, good with people, good at math, and you must at least have a bachelor's degree in engineering

The Pay

The average person only makes $48,320, but with this job, you can make up to $91,410.

The Business Growth

The companies will grow approximately 3 to 6 percent within 10 years.

Companies that hire electrical and electronic engineers

Some of the many companies that hire electrical and electronic engineers include:

  • Aerojet Rocketdyne
  • Broadcom
  • Medtronic Motorola Solutions
  • Pentair