life of ancient china


The main rivers in china are Hang He River, Chang Jiang, and Yung Tze River.

China is blocked off by desserts and mountains which makes them isolated by the whole world.


They used irrigation system. Which was used to move water into banks

Written language

It was created to keep business records. China used an language named pictograph and ideographs.

Political System

a social hierarchy is a way to divide people by ranks and classes. Dynasties where groups of people would rule one part of the country. Dynasties were groups of people from the same family. The king was in charge of the nobles helping him.


China would have roads ton help people travel. China would have statues of important people. They also would write poems about heroes called Epics.


Confusion was not a religion but a philosophy. It was a code how you act in society. Taoism believes in harmony they do not believe in changing the world.