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This Week's Sphere Influence: Social Sector / Family

Leaders in the sphere of Social Sector / Family influence through social and relational engagement and transformation.

Who is Joy Johnson?

Joy Johnson is the senior pastor and founder of Higher Hope Christian Church in North Highlands, California. She is also founder of “Life Matters”, a non-profit that engages with people where they live in apartment complexes and neighborhoods. God has appointed Joy and her husband, Mai-Gemu, to proclaim the gospel to those outside of, or on the margins of faith and social acceptance.

Is God Calling You to See More Deeply Into Those Across from You?

It is a lifestyle of reconciliation that allows us to get into the lives of those we aim to serve by encountering them through every layer of the problem. We must show them through action that we are not just an "encounter and leave" person, but one who will continue with them along life's path. This is messy and difficult, but through the power of Christ it is possible to bring reconciliation to those who are lost.

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Q Commons March 3rd!

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