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5 December 2018


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Our academic year comes to a close with this newsletter. We are now in the time of Advent where we begin to prepare for Christmas.

With the start of Advent we begin planning for the special time of Christmas. Advent is a season observed in many Christian churches as a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas. The term is a version of the Latin word meaning "coming". It is a time of planning and reflection.

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The following staff will be leaving the College and are acknowledged for their commitment and contribution to Prendiville Catholic College:

Mrs Kim Williamson will take on the Head of Mathematics role at Mater Dei College after fourteen years of committed service to our College. Mrs Williamson has been an outstanding teacher and leader of Mathematics as well as a generous contributor to many co-curricular activities. Her passion and leadership in the area of Maths has witnessed our Maths Learning Area develop into a thriving Learning Area.

Mr Paul Stenner has been Head of Humanities and will take up an opportunity at Guildford Grammar. Mr Stenner has been at the College for four years and in that time will be remembered for bringing a strong focus to ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day. The special ceremonies associated with these days are now embedded into the culture of Prendiville Catholic College.

Ms Siobhan McCarthy will travel overseas in 2019. Ms McCarthy has been an outstanding teacher in the area of Politics and Law. She has provided many opportunities for students in this areas and has also provided a special link to Aboriginal education through integrating Aboriginal curriculum into her courses.

Ms Krystal Skelin has been at the College for five years and will take on a promotional position at Newman College. Ms Skelin has been an outstanding practitioner and has immersed herself in all aspects of College life. Krystal is an extremely committed and hard working teacher who has made a big impact at our College. Krystal will take on a Science Subject Leader portfolio where she will begin her educational leadership journey.

Mrs Amy Walton has been a compassionate and considerate member of our Endeavour Centre Team. Mrs Walton has a wholehearted love for all things at Prendiville and was an ex student. Amy will take on a more senior role in the area of Education Support.

Mr Jonathon Barry has been on a temporary contract teaching Maths. Mr Barry is a wonderful teacher and staff member and has immersed into many aspects of life at Prendiville. He has coached many sports including cricket and cross country and has been very generous with his time supporting all students events.

Mr Chris Schmid has been on a temporary contract as ICT Manager. In his time in this role Mr Schmid has created a very stable network, introduced the 1:1 ipad program, transitioned the College to SEQTA, developed the College landing page and transitioned the College to the CEWA leading lights platform. Mr Schmid has demonstrated amazing skills and knowledge in the ICT arena which has placed PCC in a very strong position to move with the times and fast paced developments of ICT.

Mr Daniel Bothma has been a member of the ICT Technical team for six years. Daniel is talented staff member who has provided expertise in developing and maintaining our College network. Daniel is taking up a very exciting promotional role at Newman College.

Mr Matthew Parkin has worked as part of the ICT support team. Matthew is another talented ICT team member who has provided wonderful help desk support for both staff and students. No job is too difficult for Matthew. Matthew will take up a new position at Veris Australia.

Ms Miah DeFrancesch has been an enthusiastic member of our Community Engagement team. Miah will pursue further opportunities in the area of Marketing and Communications. In her time at PCC Miah has developed the College’s social media platforms, web page as well as supporting staff and students across a wide range of school events and activities. Miah has created archives for College photographs and has coordinated professional year book publications.

Mrs Hayley Martin has held a number of temporary roles at the College over the years. She has taught a variety of courses including Physical Education, Dance and Health. Mrs Martin’s experience has been valued and she has been totally committed to not only being a high-end teacher but also supporting students in teams, dance performances and social events.

The following short term staff will also be leaving the College and we thank them for their wholehearted commitment in 2018.

  • Mrs Kerrie Beech - ICT
  • Ms Brianna Gray - Humanities
  • Mrs Heidi Husband - English
  • Ms Jaime Parora - Performing Arts
  • Ms Brittany Seymour - TIDE
  • Mrs Gillian Oats – Library

The following staff will be on leave for all of 2019 and we wish them well during this time.

  • · Mrs Lauril Jones
  • · Mr Jay Baddock


The following staff retired at the end of Semester 1. It is appropriate to recognise their contribution to our College community again.

Mr Stephen Blaney will retire after 30 years service as a teacher at the College. Mr Blaney has been a compassionate, caring and faith-filled teacher. He has witnessed the College grow over time from its foundation years to now. Mr Blaney’s gentle nature and sincere care for students are hallmarks of his character. Mr Blaney has shown great commitment and love for the College and will leave a lasting legacy for the many students that have been taught by him. I am sure we will see Mr Blaney regularly at the College through his retirement business the unique CANUCK FOOD TRUCK.

Mrs Marie Graystone will retire after seven years as the College Receptionist. Marie has been the first face for visitors at our College. Her patience, smile and dedication has made her the ideal College receptionist. Marie is loved by everyone and will be sadly missed by all.

Mrs Heather Downsborough will also retire at the end of term. Mrs Downsborough has had a very long career in Catholic Education primarily in Finance roles. For the past seven years she has been the College Executive Assistant to the Principal. Mrs Downsborough is respected by everyone for her authentic care and the concern she displays to everyone. Mrs Downsborough has prided herself on serving others in our community and never puts herself first. She has an amazing internal wisdom and has played a major role in supporting the Principal, College Leadership Team and College Board. From a personal perspective, I cannot praise and thank Mrs Downsborough enough for the support she has provided me in my role as Principal over the past three and a half years. Mrs Downsborough has provided support, encouragement and daily advice which have been wholeheartedly valued and appreciated.

As we enter the special time of Christmas and the school holidays, please echo the special words of Heather Downsborough

"Take care of each other"

Have a joyous and safe Christmas.

For your children

Mark Antulov



The College Administration office will be closed from 4pm Thursday 13th December 2018 and will reopen at 8am on Thursday 24th January 2019.


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It will be a special presentation evening of Tuesday 11 December when the College's inaugural recipients of Lennox - Bradley Bursaries will be presented. The evening will honour both the recipients of the Bursaries and also the naming of the Bursary after Cheryl Lennox - Bradley. Mrs Lennox – Bradley has been a faithful and committed staff member supporting Aboriginal Education through Catholic Education Western Australia.



The College Board of Management is entrusted to assist in the financial management of the College, its strategic purpose and in the planning of future capital works. Parents who have one or a combination of the following are strongly encouraged to apply:

  • Active in their parishes
  • Building and construction
  • Business and Finance
  • ICT and Technical
  • Legal
  • Marketing and PR
  • Professional
  • Risk Management
  • Senior management experience
  • Tertiary or Secondary Education

The AGM of the Board and Parent Council will be held next year. At this meeting new Board members are appointed to the Board. The College is entering a challenging and exciting time of capital development planning and a new strategic plan for 2019 and beyond. Interested parents are invited to nominate for the College Board. If you would like to consider joining the College Board please email your interest to Mrs Leishele Pearce with a short description of your interests and experiences.


The 2019 College Fee Schedule now available on the College website in the following location:


Congratulations to Robert and Fiona Ballard for winning this year's enrolment discount raffle.


Please note that all absentee, early departure and late arrival emails should only be directed to

Please do not email or send direqt messages to individual staff members. Links to the absentee email address can be found at the top of this newsletter, on the SEQTA Engage splash page and on the College website under Contact.



One of the key recommendations of the Pastoral review this year was introducing a period of time each week outside of the Academic Pathway. This time would be used for a structured Wellbeing curriculum, meetings and celebration. No time has existed in the past and as such these important events have happened in an ad hoc manner.

From 2019 a period called Prendiville Time is scheduled for each Wednesday. As the period is included as part of each teachers load, the periods on Wednesday are shorter. The times of the day are listed below.

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Please note the following:

1. School commences each day with a call to PCG at 8.40 for a start of 8.45.

2. School finishes Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 3.25 and an early finish at 3.10 on Wednesday. St Simon Peter have been informed.
3. There is no change to the bus times. Students will be supervised on Wednesday until the buses arrive.

Simon Kanakis

Vice Principal


In 2019, the City of Joondalup will be offering all Year 7 and Year 8 students two vaccines including Boostrix (Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis) and Gardasil 9 for Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccines. The Gardasil 9 vaccine is a 2-dose regime over a 6 month period.

These vaccines will be given at two visits in 2019 as follows:

YEAR 7 and YEAR 8

14 March, 2019 - 1st Gardasil 9 and Boostrix,

24 October, 2019 - 2nd Gardasil 9 and catch ups,

Year 10 students will be offered one dose of the Meningococcal ACWY vaccine.


20 June, 2019 - Meningococcal ACWY,

Students in Year 7 and Year 9 in 2018, will have immunisation consent forms distributed in their PCG class from Tuesday 27 November, 2018. Only students whose parent/ guardian have given consent and returned the consent forms will be vaccinated at the College.

Please ask all students to return the consent form even if they decline the vaccinations.

PCA’s will distribute the Year 8 2019 immunisation consent form to Year 7 students in 2018, and Year 10 2019 immunisation consent forms will be given to Year 9 students in 2018. Karyn Dore (City of Joondalup Immunisation Coordinator) will collect all consent forms on the following dates:

Year 7: Monday 3 December 2018

Year 9: Thursday 14 March, 2019

The College requests that all immunisation consent forms be returned to Esther Stuart (College Registered Nurse) in the Health Centre. Spare consent forms are available in the Health Centre if a family requires a replacement form


The Reef Break Café has gone green. We have replaced out plastic disposable containers and cutlery and replaced them with bio-degradable containers and cutlery.

Why bio-degradable?

- The bowls and plates are made from sugar cane

- The cutlery is made from corn starch

- The clear cup and bowls are made from plants


How else can we help to ‘be’ green?

- Ask yourself, do I need a lid with my coffee cup ?

- Do I need a knife and a fork with my meal ?

- Do I need a straw with my drink ?

- Do I have a Smart Card ? The money we use is plastic. To purchase a Smart Card please go to

We are very fortunate that the College is supporting the café and choosing bio-degradable containers, cups & cutlery for our food & drink items, however they are slightly more expensive than plastic. Therefore, we kindly advise that should you wish to use disposable cutlery for food NOT purchased from the café, you will be charged $0.20 a piece.

Thank you

Ben and the Café team


The Prendi Summer Fest will be back in 2019! Remember Human Foosball and Human Hungry Hippos?? The P&F will be hosting the Prendi Summer Fest on Friday 8 March 2019 and it promises to be bigger and better. Commencing at 5.30pm and concluding at 9pm, all students, teachers and families are invited to attend a night of fun and entertainment on the Priddis and Hussey ovals. The water park will be back as well as inflatables, giant games, the silent disco and the food trucks. We will also be formally naming the school ovals and to help us with this Matt Priddis and Mike Hussey will be joining us. It promises to be a fantastic night for all our Prendiville families and we hope to see you there!

This is a closed school ticketed event and tickets can be purchased through TryBooking for $10 each plus the booking fee.

For more information visit the SEQTA home page.

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Afterschool Maths help has ceased for 2018. It will return in Week 2 Term 1, 2019.

Did you know? Careers that use Mathematics

The Australian Mathematics and Science Institute (AMSI) has a long list of engaging videos that highlight the role that Mathematics and Science play in everyday careers. Each video runs for 5-10 minutes and is useful in seeing how Maths is used in everyday careers and why you need to know it for a particular career pathway.

An example of these videos is one entitled “Airline Scheduling” which shows the use of networks and decision-making in transport, logistics and use of resources. If you are interested, visit to see the full list. There is also a careers tab on the website for more ideas and resources.

Try the following logic question:

Find a four-figure number that is exactly four times greater when the digits are reversed.

Riddle: Riddle 1. What always goes up and never goes down?

Riddle 2. What always goes down and never up?

Solutions from last newsletter: Logic question – 2178 (becomes 8712).

Riddle 1: Your age. Riddle 2: Rain.


It was an exciting two hours for a group of Year 8’s from Prendiville at Liwara Catholic School on Wednesday. Sienna Mijacika, Gemma Hanlon, Connor McCafferty, Alice Fitzgerald, Sarah Reid and Emma-Louise Uys became our youngest live broadcasters of the four groups who have taken part in the 89.7 School of Thought program in 2018. The relaxed chat show presented by the group focused on movies and the way they evoke emotion within the human condition; this may sound a little deep but have a listen to the show via the link, it is anything but. That ends the highly successful live radio broadcast opportunities offered to the students of Prendiville this year. The opportunity to watch 18 students take the ultimate risk (live performance) was very fulfilling for Chris Greenwood (Community Engagement) and Kerrie Beech (ICT and Media), the two drivers of the program. Many thanks to John Logan and the team at 89.7 for offering this unique opportunity. Community Radio is KING or QUEEN, which ever you prefer, in our eyes!

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Eddie Wang and Hayden McQueen represented Prendiville at the Capture the Flag (CTF) cyber security challenge on the weekend. The competition is a two day event where skills are pitted against range of technical challenges. A cyber security CTF is a type of information security competition where players solve security challenges from categories such as digital forensics, web application exploitation, and cryptography to get flags. Each flag has a points value associated with it based on the difficulty of the challenge.

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The CTF competition was built by members of the Perth security community, and had teams from industry, university as well as other high school students. The boys performed very well and placed fourth out of the 12 school teams. They were also the highest scoring 2 person high-school team. Overall (which includes all university teams and non-industry people) they came 13th out of 35 teams.

Kerrie Beech

ICT Teacher


An important partnership between Wanslea (Community Services Facility) and Prendiville Catholic College culminated in a workshop in our glass studio last week. Wanslea staff including Robyn Collard, Roseanna Miller, Jessica Power and Jeanice Krakouer along with Cheryl Lennox Bradley (TLE Engagement Officer) worked creatively to form their own individual piece of feature artwork. With the help of glass artist and teacher, Lynn Vroombout, along with Prendiville Year 11 students Corey Rundle and Bailey Williams, the ladies created works as diverse as a clock and a fused glass disc. These indigenous signature pieces will add a new and colourful element to their Scarborough office with more workshops planned to add to the collection. Cheryl, T.I.D.E, Wanslea and the HUB linked together to make the workshop a reality, a workshop worth it’s weight in GLASS!

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Olivia Vukman (Y9), Maddison Enright (Y10) and Gemma Boothroyd (Y11) will head to the U.S. during the summer break as part of the VK U.S.A. touring basketball and educational tour. The three girls were selected from the WA Basketball League competition in the Wanneroo/Joondalup region. Our girls will visit New York, California and Honolulu playing games against high schools in Texas.

The objective of the tour is to develop and grow the youth involved both in character but also as ambassadors of basketball, offering real-life experience in becoming young leaders in our community. The tour will give each of our girls an opportunity to compare life as young Western Australians with their U.S. counterparts.

Good luck ladies, we feel sure you’ll be great ambassadors.

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Session Time: Wednesdays 3.30 – 5.00 pm

Duration: 8 Weeks starting Week 2 (Term 1 2019)

Suitable for: Years 7 – 10

Ever wondered how 3D video games are developed? Register now for Firetech's after-school workshop series, launching in Term 1 at Prendiville.

Join Firetech for eight weeks of 3D game design with the Unity game engine, lead by a Firetech Tutor in the KT5 Keller Technology Hub. Up-skill your creativity with new C# coding knowledge to step-by-step build all the mechanics of your first 3D game.

Firetech will walk you through a mix of left and right brain thinking, covering 3D navigation, importing assets, object animation and programming a win/fail event to end the game.

Each session runs for 90 minutes with a 15 minute break to stretch and refresh our creative brains.

This is a beginners course and no prior coding experience is required – we will cover all the coding foundations and extension is available for any coding pros who wish to join.

Book online at: with the access code FT3D-2019 for Prendiville students.

Any interested students, please direqt message Ms Hyde before the end of the year.


New 2019 Opening Hours MacKillop Library

Monday - Thursday: 7.30am – 5.30pm

Friday: 7.30am - 3.30pm

Recess and lunch every day

Please note that the closing time for Fridays in 2019 has changed to 3.30pm.

There is no supervision of students outside of these hours.

Holiday Reading

Not sure what to do in the holidays? Come and borrow some books from the library! Have a look at the following suggestions for holiday reading. There’s something for everyone, whatever your taste, from thrillers to literary award winners. Recommendations also include non-fiction books, graphic novels and e-books from Wheelers.

“Hive” by A.J. Betts

The first in a two book series, Hive is a captivating new dystopian novel from West Australian author, A.J. Betts (author of Zac & Mia).

Set in a world with strict rules and processes, Hive explores the power of curiosity. When Hayley discovers the impossible, a drip from the ceiling, she thinks she’s going mad… or perhaps there’s more to her world than she ever knew before. What starts as a drip leads to a lie, a death, a boy, a beast, and too many awful questions. (Booktopia)

“To the Lighthouse” by Cristy Burne

A new novel for younger readers from West Australian author, Cristy Burne.

Isaac arrives on Rottnest Island hoping for an awesome holiday adventure, but his mum would rather he stayed inside, where it’s safe. Then Isaac meets Emmy. She’s allowed to do whatever she wants – and with Emmy daring him on, Isaac’s life gets more and more exciting, until things go horribly wrong . . . (Booktopia)

“Lenny’s Book of Everything” by Karen Foxlee

Lenny has a younger brother Davey who won't stop growing - and at seven is as tall as a man. Raised by their single mother, who works two jobs, they have food and a roof over their heads, but not much else. The bright spot every week is the arrival of the latest issue of Burrell's Build-It-at-Home Encyclopedia, where Lenny and Davey experience the wonders of the world - and dream about a life of freedom and adventure. However, as her brother's health deteriorates, Lenny comes to accept the inevitable truth; Davey will never make it to Great Bear Lake. An outstanding novel about heartbreak and healing by an award-winning author. (AccessIt)

“Unconventional” by Maggie Harcourt

Lexi Angelo has grown up helping her dad with his events business. She likes to stay behind the scenes, planning and organizing... until author Aidan Green, messy haired and annoyingly arrogant, arrives unannounced at the first event of the year. Then Lexi's life is thrown into disarray. In a flurry of late-night conversations, mixed messages and butterflies, Lexi discovers that some things can't be planned. Things like falling in love. (AccessIt)

“Minecraft: The Island” (Official Minecraft Novels #1) by Max Brooks

Minecraft: The Island by Max Brooks, #1 New York Times bestselling author of World War Z, is the first official Minecraft novel. In the tradition of iconic stories like Robinson Crusoe and Treasure Island, Minecraft: The Island will tell the story of a new hero stranded in the world of Minecraft, who must survive the harsh, unfamiliar environment and unravel the secrets of the island. (Goodreads)

“Time to fly” by Michael Ellis and Russell Jackson

Tracking the highs, lows and thrilling conclusion of the Eagles' dream run to the Premiership dais, Time to Fly captures the defining moments of the season, from the first ragged sprints of pre-season training to the giddy highs of a remarkable finals campaign - all culminating in the colour and pageantry of that one day in September. (AccessIt)

“Record-Breaking Brick Vehicles: Cool Projects for Your Lego Bricks” by Joachim Klang

A new volume that shows you how to build some of the most fascinating and extraordinary record-breaking vehicles ever, out of Lego bricks. Joachim Klang includes complex projects with simple instructions that makes this a must-have for LEGO enthusiasts of all ages. (Goodreads)

“The Book of No Worries” by Lizzie Cox, Tanya Stevanovic (Illustrator)

This essential guide covers a multitude of worries and anxieties that a young person may face while growing up—from peer pressure to puberty and all the worries in between. This friendly and funny book aims to reassure tweens that their worries and fears are normal and offers practical tips for managing anxiety and stress, such as practicing mindfulness and meditation. (AccessIt)

“Supernova” (Amulet #8) by Kazu Kibuishi

Emily has lost control of her Amulet and is imprisoned in the Void, where she must find a way to escape the influence of the Voice. Meanwhile, Emily's brother, Navin, travels to Lighthouse One, a space station where the Resistance is preparing to battle the approaching Shadow forces that would drain planet Alledia of all its resources. Emily and Navin must be smarter and stronger than ever to ensure Alledia's survival. (Goodreads)

Haven’t made it to the library before the holidays started? Not to worry…..browse Wheelers for both fiction and non-Fiction E-books by using your Prendiville dashboard (usual Username and Password) – for example:

“Blink: The power of thinking without thinking” by Malcolm Gladwell

Intuition is not some magical property that arises unbidden from the depths of our mind. This book shows us how we can hone our instinctive ability to know in an instant, helping us to bring out the best in our thinking and become better decision-makers in our homes, offices and in everyday life. (AccessIt)

“One of Us is Lying” by Karen M. McManus

(Unabridged: Audio book; Duration 10 hours 43 minutes)

The Breakfast Club meets Pretty Little Liars, One of Us Is Lying is the story of what happens when five strangers walk into detention and only four walk out alive. Everyone is a suspect, and everyone has something to hide. Pay close attention and you might solve this. (AccessIt)

“Someday” by David Leviathan

Every day a new body. Every day a new life. Every day a new choice. For as long as “A” can remember, life has meant waking up in a different person's body every day, forced to live as that person until the day ended. “A” always thought there wasn't anyone else who had a life like this. But “A” was wrong. There are others. “A” has already been wrestling with powerful feelings of love and loneliness. Now comes an understanding of the extremes that love and loneliness can lead to-and what it's like to discover that you are not alone in the world. (AccessIt)



Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame – 1 on 1 Advice Sessions

November 26 – December 6 | Fremantle

Considering your uni options but unsure of the right degree for you? Our advisors can introduce you to a range of programs that align with your strengths and interests to help you find the right degree for you.

Find out more -

The University of Notre Dame – ATAR Advice Day

December 14 | Fremantle

Looking for the right degree for you? Come and chat to our advisors about your uni options at ATAR Advice Day. We’ll introduce you to degrees and pathways that align with your strengths and interests. I wonder where your studies could take you? There will be plenty of snacks, free uni advice and cool merch on offer plus the chance to go on a Campus Tour.

Find out more -

Curtin University

Curtin University – Fine Art Advisory Sessions

December 3 & 4 | Curtin University

January 8 | Curtin University

Our advisory sessions will help you to understand more about Fine Art at Curtin and will give you an opportunity to discuss you Fine Art interests.

Find out more -


ECU – Information Evening

Tuesday 15 January | Joondalup Campus

Wednesday 23 January| Bunbury Campus

Tuesday 5 February| Mount Lawley Campus

Tuesday 12 February| Mount Lawley Campus

Our Information Evenings introduce you to our wide range of courses and the excellent support services you can expect as a student. We'll cover course admission pathways, how to apply, fees and scholarships, and flexible study options like online or part-time. Bring family or friends and explore the campus and our great facilities.

Find out more - - toggle-1

ECU – Admission Pathways Information Evening

Wednesday 30 January| Joondalup Campus

ECU is a leader in finding ways for people to get into University – especially people who thought it would be mission impossible to get a uni degree.

Find out more -

ECU – Open Day – Save the Date

Sunday 28 July 2019 | Joondalup Campus

Sunday 11 August 2019 | Mount Lawley Campus

Sunday 11 August 2019 | WAAPA

Sunday 25 August 2019 | South West – Bunbury Campus

There'll be demos, talks and course advice. You can meet friendly, highly qualified lecturers and explore our facilities. Check out entertainment and giveaways. Plus talk to current and past ECU students about their studies.

Find out more -

A day in the life of a Harvard student

Who actually gets into a university like Harvard? Check out this 'Day In The Life' video of Harvard sophomore, Calvin Duran, who is also taking advantage of Harvard's generous financial aid program which is also available to Australian students.

US & UK Uni Basics - Applying, Funding and Academic Benchmarks Webinar

Saturday 8 December | Online

Dreaming of studying overseas?

Join this interactive webinar to learn how you could be studying on the world stage at top US and UK universities!

Experts from Crimson Education will take you through:

  • The key differences between the US and UK universities
  • The features and strengths of top unis
  • The benefits of studying on the world stage
  • The application process and timeline
  • A guide to the academic requirements and financial costs
  • How to use your summer holidays to prepare for top unis

On this webinar, you'll have the awesome opportunity to:

  • Ask questions to US and UK experts
  • Download additional application tips and case studies
  • Engage with polls and survey questions

This webinar is perfect for Year 9-12 students, parents and Career Advisors.

Register here

MedView– Uncovering the UCAT

Thursday 10 January | Perth

Unsure about changes in medical school admissions testing? Come decipher the shift from UMAT to UCAT for Australian med school admissions.

Find out more -


Truck Centre Western Australia – Apprenticeship Intake 2019

Each year Truck Centre WA offers a number of apprenticeship opportunities across our branch network within Metro and Regional WA. Our program offers combined paid on and off the job training to assist our apprentices in becoming nationally recognised, quality trades people.

Find out more -


This year on Sunday 9th of December, St Simon Peter Parish will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of our church opening and blessing. We will begin with the Celebration of Mass at 10am with Emeritus Archbishop Barry Hickey. This will be followed by a Family Fun Fair in our Parish grounds. We would like to invite the Prendiville Catholic College community to help us celebrate this occasion.

At this Mass, we would like any School Student Leader Representatives to attend, preferably in their school uniforms to represent their School and participate in the Liturgy (details to follow).

For our Family Fun Fair, we plan to present ongoing musical items and we would welcome any students who would like to participate in presenting any items for our Entertainment Program.

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Friday 7 December - End of term for Year 7 - Year 9 students.

Monday 10 December - Yr 10 and Year 11 final course changes


Monday 4 February - Start of term for Year 7, Year 12 and new students

Tuesday 5 February - Start of term for Year 8 - Year 11 students

Wednesday 6 February - Opening School Mass

Wednesday 6 February - Year 7 Parent Information Night

Monday 11 February - Year 12 Parent Information Night

Friday 15 February - Year 12 Ball


St Simon Peter Parish, Ocean Reef

Sat - 6pm, Sun - 8am, 10am and 5pm

Our Lady of the Mission Parish, Whitfords

Sat - 6.30pm, Sun - 8am, 9.30am, 11am and 5.45pm

St Andrews Parish, Clarkson

Sat - 6pm, Sun - 7.30am, 9am and 5.30pm

St Luke's Parish, Woodvale

Sat - 6pm, Sun - 8am and 9.30am

St Anthony's Parish, Wanneroo

Sat - 6.30pm, Sun - 7.30am, 9am and 6pm

All Saint's Parish, Greenwood

Sat - 6pm, Sun - 7.30am, 9am, 10.30am and 5.30pm

St John Paul II Catholic Primary School, Banksia Grove

Mon to Sat - 8am, Sat - 6pm, Sun - 9.30am


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Prendiville Gallery Instagram

Follow this account for a better look at everything that goes on in our gallery!


The Hub: A Home For Bright New Ideas!
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Coming to our College Soon B2Me

An electronic directory for enterprises within our college community. Encouraging people to do business with one another. The Hub, thanks to The College Board and the P&F, will be inviting business's on-board over the coming months, ready for launch in Feb 2019. Jump aboard now, be one of the first. Visit , click free sign-up and follow the prompts. A gift from The College to you!
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Matt Hale returns to The Redmond; this time for FRINGE!

Be early for the friend of The Redmond, Matt Hale, the smartest hypnotist in Australia. He's at The Redmond for two shows in February, click the link below to buy tickets. Matt is a Sell Out king so buy early. Click above for the media release and below for tickets.


Is this on your 'must get around to doing' list? “I must capture the memories of my grandparents or mum or dad or even a long lost aunt or uncle one day”; is what we here at The Hub are talking about.

The Hub offers that opportunity now using the facilities (green screen and sound mixing) at the College for you to do just that.The Hub offers this service @ half the rate of other studios. Contact us here at The Hub and we’ll assist you to grab those memories before it’s all too late! or

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