Alex Rider: Snake Head

Written by Anthony Horowitz: The Project by Ian Sidley

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The Writer

Anthony Horowitz is one of the most prolific and successful writers working in the UK – and is unique for working across so many media. Anthony is a born polymath; juggling writing books, TV series, films, plays and journalism.

Anthony has written many books of adventure, action and thrilling tales of espionage. His most successful novel was the Alex Rider series, the series is full of adventure, thilling tells of action and some drama. That's what makes Horowitz's novels so unique! As many say these books are just filled with tales much like Ian Fliming's James Bond!


The Alex Rider series is an extremely action packed adventure set of novels. The events that would happen in the stories are completely fictional, but still has it's down to earth moments but a fourteen year old saving the world? That's pretty far fetched so this novel is defiantly fiction.


The Theme of this story is to never give up. Always go on and get to your goals and never stop no matter what gets in your way, if it's physical or mental blocks you can always overpass them such as Alex did when he found a secret to his God Father that ended up in the two of them becoming enemies.


The antagonist of this story seems to be a man named Major Winston Yu, but he was only a pawn compared to Ash, Alex's God Father. Ash and Alex's father John Rider where both working together to take down SCORPIA but one mission John was working undercover with in SCORPIA and Ash was supposed to "capture" John and take him into England, but one of the SCORPIA agents saw Ash and leaped on him to stop Ash's "capture" but eventually the fighting of the two ended up with Ash falling onto the bridge where John would be and John gave emergency first aid to Ash but resulted in John getting shot by the agent and dying while giving Ash aid. So Ash left and joined the ASIS. At the end of Snakehead, when Major Yu's oil rig is attacked by a joint British/Australian task-force, Ash is shot by Ben Daniels, and is then revealed to have been working for SCORPIA since John Rider was shot, and had blown Alex's cover before their mission had even started. Alex deduces that Ash was responsible for the death of his parents. Ash confesses to having planted a bomb on their plane, on which they were going to France to start a new life; Alex remained behind due to an ear infection. Ash expresses some regret of doing this before his dying from his injuries. SCORPIA had already been betrayed once by John Rider and so they put his loyalty to the test by commanding him to place the bomb in position. It is also revealed that Ash had a minor crush on Alex's mother, a charming and beautiful nurse.


Our protagonist in this novel is a young boy named Alex Rider. He only being 14 his uncle died in a car accident and his parents died in a plane crash, so he has to live with an american woman named Jack Starbright. After Alex's death of his uncle he was taken to a woman who works as the administrator of all the spies in the United Kingdom, and now Alex has been assigned to be a new recruit to be a spy to help keep the United Kingdom and possibly the world!


Alex shows his strength while he is tumbling down to Earth in a space pod and still calm even when he was falling thousands of feet in the air. (pg. 1)

Alex shows his softer side when his friends and family are endangered or just all around terrifying and life threatening. Such as when Alex is sent off to be butchered and have his body parts put on the black market. (pg. 237)

Another strength is when Alex must Yu's plan so Alex can save the world once again! (pg. 376)


The settings of the novel change many times, firstly the book starts when Alex is in the space pod in the South Pacific ocean. Then he is transported to Bangkok where he then again travels to his final destination Jakarta. The reason the final destination of Jakarta is important is because that is where Major Winston Yu is and his plan or Ash's plan (Ash being the main protagonist) to create a bomb to detonate at the bottom of the nearest sea to shift the tectonic plates to cause "natural" disasters! So that is why Jakarta is important to this entire story.


Alex Rider was temporarily taken in by the Australian Secret Service to infiltrate and gather intelligence on a large drug and contraband smuggling organization in Indonesia called “Snakehead.” Alex was to do this so that the Australian Secret Service could build up enough evidence to take down Snakehead once and for all. Along the way, Alex realizes that Snakehead is closely intertwined with a terrorist organization he had dealt with in the past named SCORPIA. To infiltrate Snakehead, Alex and his godfather, Ash, pose as a pair of Afghan refugees and pay Snakehead to smuggle them to Australia, all the while, observing and gathering information on the organization. After that Alex was put on to a refugee boat and was being shipped to Bangkok, while on this trip he had an encounter with the captain which resulted in the ship being wreaked and causing his feud with Major Yu. After some time passed Alex found out Yu's plan to detonate a bomb at the bottom of the sea to shift the tectonic plates causing a not so natural disaster. So Alex must sop this bomb from blowing up. Alex and Yu are on a boat right above where the bomb should blow up, when Yu is about to detonate the bomb Alex tackled Yu resulting in Yu falling unconscious for a short amount of time while Alex set the explosive radius to a very minimal frequency and then Alax makes his escape on a life boat. So when Yu wakes up he detonates the bomb that only causes his boat to be destroyed. Then Alex makes his way out to the nearest city to call MI6. That's the end to Alex's Adventures... for now.


I personally enjoyed the book and have very high expectations for the up coming novels! This book was filled with many twists and turns and a very action packed story! The characters are very relatable which makes this book very down to Earth for many people as well as myself. Over all the book was a fantastic read and the ones after have a bright future.
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