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November 16 -20, 2015

This week in the ECC Library....

Rough and Tumble

See them leap into the air,
See them jump upon a chair.
See them run and see them leap,
See them land into a heap.
See them roll and see them vault,
See them slide and see them slip,
See them do a triple flip.
See them as they start the chase,
See them dash from place to place.
See them romp and see them rumble,
Full of grace, they never stumble.
Are they athletes? Acrobats?
No, my dear, they're just our cats.

by Leslea Newman
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Turkey Riddles - Continued!

by Katy Hall and Lisa Eisenberg

3. What's the difference between a turkey and an owl?
(A turkey doesn't give a hoot!)

4. What is a turkey's favorite day to celebrate?
(The day AFTER Thanksgiving!)
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