New England Colonies

New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island

New Hampshire

In 1623 was founded by John Mason and Ferdinando Gorges. They founded the land when they were giving a land grant by the council of New England. The people of New Hampshire were those of the Puritan religion. It was founded for farming purposes. They made money mainly off of mixed farming and wheat. The government of New Hampshire started as corporate then royal. New Hampshire had a population of about 62,396 people.


In 1620 Massachusetts was founded by the Puritans and Separatists. The puritans were English Protestants that were trying to reform the church of England. The Separatist were people who felt like a small group of people should be separated from a larger group.The puritans had more power so Massachusetts was under the puritan religion. It was founded for religious freedom. The people of Massachusetts made money by mixed farming, furs, fishing, and ship building. The government was both royal and corporate. Massachusetts had a population of approximately 235,808 people.


In 1635 Connecticut was founded by Thomas Hooker and a group from Massachusetts. Connecticut was founded for political and religious freedom. The colonist settled this land when they brought it from the Mohegan Indians. There was a Tribe called the Pequot tribe and they wanted the new settle land so violence took place between them and the colonist. This led to the Connecticut constitution sometimes said to be America's first constitution. John Hayne became the first governor of Connecticut. The religion of Connecticut was the puritan religion. Connecticut had a corporate government. The population of Connecticut was about 183,881 people.

Rhode Island

In 1636 Rhode Island was found by Roger Williams. Roger Williams was accused of sharing dangerous opinions and challenging the puritans so he was later exiled. Rhode Island had no permanent religion. The reason for the founding of Rhode Island was for religious freedom and the separation of church from state. The people of Rhode Island made money by mixed farming. Rhode Island had a Corporate government.The population of Rhode Island was about 58,196 people.