An Extraordinary End To April!

Day One


This month has truly been incredible and the momentum our Glowing Stones team has is remarkable. With one last work week left in April and lots of BIG goals to hit, it's time to finish with an EXTRAORDINARY END!

Each day this week you'll get an email with a group of people to target and some plug & play words to say to use. I promise you - reaching out INDIVIDUALLY is what makes all the difference! Posting on social media is great but won't do the trick alone - you have to make it personal!

Are you a new stylist? There couldn't be a better time to start moving the needle on your business than RIGHT NOW! Getting $500 in sales and beyond will do some incredible things for your business right out of the gates!

Without further is DAY ONE of our EXTRAORDINARY END to April!

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Your target:

Women that need to buy a Mother's Day gift! Friends, family members, past customers, etc. etc. If they have a woman in their life that needs a Mother's Day gift - REACH OUT!

What to say:

Hey Lauren! Wanted to reach out to see if I can be of any help with Mother’s Day gifts this year. Our engravables are always a huge hit - a total homerun for Mom, ensuring your spot as favorite daughter! ;) Happy to make a mock-up for you so you can see what it might look like - we can do a word, a name, initials, monogram, a date or even GPS coordinates of a place special to her! If delicate pieces aren’t her thing, we have tons of other options too - our new Voyager totes are amazing! Reversible, wipeable and a great size to use everyday or for the pool or beach! Can’t wait to hear from you! xo, Krista


Do not - I repeat, do not - just stick your website on the end of the message and assume that your customer will order on their own. I promise you - it won't happen!!!! The trick to gathering outside orders is to take the order FOR your customer to make it easy for them!! Trust me - I've learned this the hard way! ;)

Images to include are below!

xo, Krista