Chinese Cyber Hackers

Attacking the US by: Emily Liu 1/6/16 Digital Literacy Pd 2


Recently, the US and Chinese presidents met in Seattle to discuss on different topics. One of the topics were how Chinese cyber hackers have been continuously hacking into American territory. They have been stealing important information like trade secrets and commercial gain. I chose this topic because cyber hacking has been a big problem for the US. How can I create a presentation that will inform people how Chinese cyber hackers are a threat to the US?

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When the 2 presidents met, they talked about how China's cyber hackers have been a big annoyance towards the US. So, they agreed that both governments wouldn't support cyber hacking. Less than a day after their agreement, a US hacking group accused the Chinese government for attacking a company, trying to find trade secrets. Further attacks have continued since they last signed their cyber security agreement. China has been targeting companies that have formulas for popular drugs, hybrid cars, trade secrets, and things that will improve their technology. Even though the US have been accusing China for hacking into sensitive information and they have been denying it. This can be a very big threat towards the US because is hackers get valuable information other countries, they could take over other countries.
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In my opinion, I think that companies that have vital information should start making their cyber security better. In order to stop cyber hackers from hacking into their companies, they have to make their cyber security better. If they don't, the result will be hackers stealing their information. This quote by Robert Mueller is just threatening companies to make their cyber security better, or else it could result in causing your company to go down. It also means that hacking is a big topic for every company.
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This video is important to my topic because this shows how much China has successfully stolen important information without spending millions of dollars. The US has spent billions of dollars working on new inventions to help other people through out their life. China can just hack into famous businesses and get that information without spending any money.