Life's Greatest Adventures

by Maddie Hulcy


To me, life is full of adventures. Below are the things, and people, that make all of those adventures great.


My lungs beg for air with each step as I plow through the gravel trail. My legs burn with an aching desire to stop, but my mud-caked running shoes continue moving, step by step, a little bit closer to the finish, a little bit further from the start.

In my mind, cross country is a little bit like life: when it gets hard and you want to stop, keep on moving forward. Just when you think you don't have anything left, you'll find it. Because like life, running is about the journey from start to finish: every hill, every bump in the road, and every triumphant finish.

I don't know if anyone can really love the pain, but I love the journey.
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It takes a certain kind of crazy to be a part of theatre. The costumes, the characters, the stories: all crazy, to a certain degree.

One of my first shows (beyond my living room performances alongside my brother) was The Wizard of Oz at CMS West. I played plucky young Dorothy, my hair done in the iconic braided pigtails. Our opening night was full of chaos. From losing my shoes, to tripping onstage, it was nothing short of totally insane.

However, there is no moment like that of stepping onto a stage. All eyes upon me, I was in control of the captivated audience. As the bright lights shone into my eyes wide with excitement, I fell in love with that feeling.

So yes, theatre can be crazy; but that’s just the way I like it.
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On a cold December afternoon, a small group of people sit anxiously in a waiting room in a chilly hospital. An excited energy washes over each of them as they await to become grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, and uncles. All heads sharply snap to attention as a man emerges from the doorway. He runs his fingers through his dark hair before proudly announcing, “It’s a boy!”. The room erupts in hugs, kisses, and tears. The new grandparents embrace joyfully, a sense a euphoria filling the entire room. Then the man raises his hands for silence. He chuckles. “And a girl.”

That man was my dad and that afternoon was December 20, 2000, the birthday I share with my twin brother, Mike. We were a power team of chaos then, and we’ve been like that ever since. Like any other siblings, we’ve had our ups and downs, but I wouldn’t have it any other way, because he, along with my parents, are the most supportive and loving people I will ever know. They’re on my team on every crazy adventure, and I’m thankful for each and every day I get to bring them along for the ride.
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The red lettering of my alarm clock dimly shines as I’m seated at my computer, poring over the final details of my media project. It’s midnight on a Friday night, I should be watching a chick flick with my best friend, but this project has me completely occupied, perfecting every second of my video.

I’ve always had a propensity to create. I want something great that I can put my name on and say, “I made that.”. I found that ability when I started making videos in media class. I could start completely from scratch, coming up with my own story, then planning it, filming it, and editing it into 60 seconds I could proudly call my own.

Another way I found to satisfy my desire to create was with writing. Maybe it wasn’t ever fantastic, but it gave me a chance to invent a little world of my own, a world in which I was in complete control. I competed as a part of the UIL Ready Writing team last year and although I didn’t walk away with medal around my neck, I loved the process of writing each of my submissions.

The opportunity to create is the chance for me to leave my mark on the world. Perhaps it’s not a a delving imprint, but it’s enough for me.
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One of the best ways to get to know someone is to understand their highest values, so I want to share mine.

In a hall in my house, there is an entire wall covered in 4 by 6 inch photos in chronological order. They begin on the day I was born and continue from there. My mother captured every moment she could with her camera and documented it for anyone to see as they walk through our house.

Each time I pass that wall, I’m reminded of the precious moments I’ve lived and the value of time. Every new day comes with opportunities to discover something, meet someone, do something great. That’s the gift of life; each day is an adventure. I want to enjoy every crazy thing life throws my way.
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