Ancient Roads vs. Modern Roads

From Mud to Concrete

Brick by Brick

In ancient Rome they used Brick, Sand Gravel and Cement, Gravel and Cement Mortar, Crushed Rock and Compacted Sand and/or Dry Earth. Romans used there roads for Battle transportation, Citizens Transportation and to seal or purchase goods. The soldiers used roads to move Catapults and Weaponry for wars. The people from other Kingdoms or places would then use roads to get back home.

Asphalt to Paver

Today we dont use the roads or have the same concept the Romans did. Nowadays we worry more about how to Avoid Traffic, Accidents and Police. Now almost everyone has a car or Transportation even if they ride the city's transportation.The one thing that we both have in common is we both just want to get from one place to another.
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Whats the difference between Modern Roads and Ancient Roads

Modern Roads have Traffic lights ancient roads did not. Ancient Roads were made with bricks modern roads are not. Some Modern Roads are Toll roads most Ancient were not. Ancient roads had Grass instead of Paint like we do to separate the lanes.
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If you look at the road above it is a modern road you can know that by looking at all of the lights in Ancient Rome they didn't have lights therefore how would they have lights on carriages,streets and as traffic lights. The reflecting panels that are placed on the road also wouldn't appear on Ancient Roman Roads.
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"All roads shall lead to rome"

Romans built the empire of the road industry nowadays nobody really knows who or what democracy (Another thing romans did) created or who had the idea of the road. The road industry has grown and now is a big part in our everyday lives,weather it be going home or leaving home to go elsewhere in a way romans did have it easier going to and fro using roads. They didn't have cops and traffic but then again we also have it better because we don't have to feed our horses we only have to fill are gas tanks but at the end of the day we all have are struggles.
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Biblical Roads

Biblical Roads are the one of the original roads that weren't fully built by Romans. The roads that Jesus and the disciples walked on about maybe 20% of those still remain in pieces. The ones that don't still remain might have naturally turned into rock or got blown up by the Babylonians or other enemy's to Jerusalem.
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Made in Rome

Roads are something that have impacted all of are lives.From mud and bricks to asphalt and pavers all cultures have been impacted by roads. If you go on roads nowadays you will see cops and accidents but what mostly do you see,Traffic which means that everyone is using the roads and finally something doesn't say made in china. Now if someone ever asked you who mostly built the road empire you can easily say the Romans are the civilization that created the roads.