Post Unit Reflection

Healthy Relationships and sexuality

What is needed in a healthy Relationship

Healthy relationships need to be mutual and both people in it need to be on the same page. In a healthy relationship there needs to be Trust, Respect, Honesty, Good Communication, Love, Laughter and both people in the relationship need to be happy, if there is something going wrong in the relationship then they need to be able to talk to each other and work out their differences. The whole idea of a healthy relationship if so that people can feel complete and have a companion. The things that can cause a relationship to go wrong is dishonesty, lying, breaking trust and lack of communication.

What The Church Teaches about Sexual Intimacy

The Catholic church teaches that sexuality is a gift and that sexual acts must respect the dignity of each person. Sexual acts have two functions they are both unitive and procreative. Unitive meaning that the couple is brought together in a special way. Procreative means that sexual intercourse has the potential to create new life. Homosexual acts can not be performed at all. The church teaches this because we are created with dignity and worth that gives us rights,responsibilities and uniqueness.

What the Church teaches on contraceptives

The Church that the best contraceptive is abstinence and this is because Sexual Intercourse should only be present to procreate. Therefore Abstinence is the best methods.

Informed Conscience

You Informed Conscience it the little man inside your head that tells you what is right and what is wrong if you do something against your informed conscience you will know because you will feel guilty. Informed Conscience is based on what you were taught growing up.