and cures if there is one.

I will be telling you about six different cancers.

The first cancer is Osteosarcoma- This cancer, one of the primary and most common bone tumors, it arises from osteoid tissue in the bone and is most often found in the knee and upper arm. Osteosarcoma occurs usually between the age of people 10-30 and can be exhibited in older people between 60-70. Chemo is critical for treating osteosarcoma.

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Lymphoma- Lymphomas are blood cancers that develop in the lymph nodes and tissues of the lymphatic system, an important part of the body’s immune system. Lymphoma can be cured by Chemotherapy- Drugs that are administered as infusions in your veins or as pills. Common chemotherapy schedules include ABVD, R-CHOP, and CHOP. Radiotherapy-High energy rays that are directed at the tumor.
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Small cell lung cancers

Small cell lung cancers- The lungs are two organs in the chest that are responsible for breathing. Sadly for most people with small cell lung cancer, the current treatments will not cure cancer.
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Liver Cancer

Liver Cancer -Primary liver cancer is cancer that forms in the tissues of the liver. The liver has three important functions: it filters and removes waste and toxins from the blood; it makes bile which breaks down fats in the digestive process; and it stores energy in the form of glycogen, a type of sugar. A way to cure this you will have to have a surgery to remove the infected liver and a liver donor for your transplant.
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Secondary liver cancer

Secondary liver cancer -is when cancer begins in another part of the body and then spreads to the liver. When this happens, the disease is not liver cancer. It is named for the organ where it began, and cancer in the liver is secondary.
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Mesothelial Cells

Mesothelial Cells- A layer of specialized cells called mesothelial cells lines the inside of the chest, the abdomen, and the space around your heart. These cells also cover the outer surface of many internal organs. The lining formed by these cells is called mesothelium. The cure for Mesothelial is surgery chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Though several clinical trials are currently in progress utilizing other drugs including gemcitabine and Onconase. This might lead new treatment options that benefit the patients.
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Why don't we have a cure for some cancers.

The main reason we do not have "a" cure for cancer is because cancer is not just one thing. As researchers learn more about the genetics of cancer, there finding out that for example breast cancer may be dozens of different diseases caused by dozens, if not hundreds, of different things.
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In my research, I saw many articles about cancer and what people think about it. I will show you two articles one correct and one totally off.

Webster Kehr writes

Many people believe that cancer that cancer is caused by DNA damage and not even God can cure it. God designed the DNA for purple grapes so that they could cure cancer. Orthodox medicine can not cure cancer. Mother Nature had to know how to cure cancer! Mother Nature put at least twelve chemicals in purple grape juice that can just kill cancer cells
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Alex Daley and Doug Hornig

There won't be a cure for cancer. That sounds like a pretty gloomy forecast doesn't it? It isn't though. Because the key word in that sentence is "a." There won't be a cure for cancer. But there will be cures for cancer.
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