Student Discourse:

Let's Get Students Talking!

Mentor/Mentee Time

Grab a snack

Sit with your mentor/mentee
If you are not a mentor or mentee, sit with a new teacher.

Topics for discussion @ 15 minutes:

  • Inservice hours- Do you have all of yours? Is there any specific requirement for your subject area - Please pull up your hours to verify.
  • Data Sheet due Jan. 30th-- any questions
  • TEAM rubric- are there any areas that you need assistance/clarification
  • Professionalism Rubric- What questions do you have?
  • Best way to communicate throughout the month.
  • Questions/Concerns

New Teachers, please fill out the form below.

Success Criteria

  • Learn about and incorporating instructional strategies to promote student discourse in the classroom.
  • Create a variety of levels of effective questioning for students to answer.
  • Elevate instruction with increased student discourse.
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What is Student Discourse?

  • Students are encouraged to share ideas and critique the reasoning of others.
  • Students share their thinking with each other (not just the teacher) so they see and hear alternate ways of representing or approaching problems.
  • They learn from their own mistakes and the mistakes of others.
  • They build their own understanding through these rich conversations and discussions.
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Compare and Contrast Student Discourse

Watch the two videos below. For each one, answer these questions:

  • When in the video did you see discourse displayed?
  • What would you have done differently to increase the discourse?

Jigsaw Activity with Discourse Classroom Materials

  • For this activity, you will work with group members to become EXPERTS in your area of the research--much like specialists “doctors” who become experts in certain types of illnesses and their treatments.
  • Once you have become an EXPERT, you will return to your original group and “teach” them about your specific area.
  • For your designated area, research the “20-30 Minutes” section of strategies and explore the different activities. Be ready to discuss your findings as the expert with your Jigsaw group.

  • Once every one has taught his/her part, each individual will complete the PADLET in response.
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Student Discourse Exploration & Work Session