Worlds Biggest Recorded Tsunami!

By: Austin Breunig

ID Information

I occurred at night on July 9, 1958. I'm the Tsunami of Lituya Bay, Alaska. I was located at latitude 58.6° N, longitude 137.1°. I was located in Alaska I scared tons of people because of my great size. I am known as a megatsunami!

Event Information

There was an earthquake of a magnitude of 9.2 that's huge! When the earthquake hit it caused me to make huge waves moving towards land. I killed over 3,500 people and made tons of people homeless. Alaska is part of a tectonic plate boundary that's probably why I was so big.


I am the biggest recorded tsunami recorded! Alaska has been known for earthquakes but not one as big as 9.2. I frightened so many people after I occurred I am sure you would have been scared too.

Mega Tsunami Video

The video under is the story told from survivors of the Tsunami.


BBC Nature: Mega Tsunami - Alaskan Super Wave - Amazing Survival

Overcome your fears

It´s sad when a Tsunami occurs many lives are lost and belongings but many people have recover because the have had help from others and are you have to realize that when you loose something your not alone.