Drake is a popular TV and rap star, Drake is best known in Canada. The Next Generation, and for hit songs like "Best I Ever Had" and "Take Care.Drake's parents divorced when he was 5 years old, he was raised by his mother in Forest Hill, a Jewish Toronto neighborhood. He had a Bar Mitzvah at age 13 and observed the Jewish High Holy Days with his mother.
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Training/ Inspiration

In 2009 is when his first hit single released (Best I ever had). Drake started his career by first staring in a hit show playing the role of jimmy brook. Before his hit song in 2009 he chose to be a rap star and converted to his new career and still is going today.

He wasn't inspired by anyone but he has started his career by acting and that has influenced him to start his rapping career that is still going today.

Drakes interest in performing arts.

Aubrey Drake Graham started his first performing tv show. He played a role of Jimmy Brooks on the show Degrassi. Around 2009 he had a intrest as being a rapper and a song writer.


Drake has received five Young Artist Award nominations for playing the role of Jimmy Brooks in Degrasy.During his singing career, Drake has won 45 awards from 252 nominations. In 2009, Drake received 10 nominations, winning one, Rookie of the Year.

facts about Drake

  • Drake is just his stage name, his full name is Aubrey Drake Graham.
  • Born October 24, 1986.
  • Drake’s dad is an African American from Memphis, Tennessee while his mom is a Jewish Canadian.
  • He was born and raised in Toronto, Canada.

Famous Quotes

  1. Love, Trust few, Do wrong to none.
  2. I was born to make mistakes, Not to fake perfection.


Drake Is Clean Shaven For SNL (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)