Green Bear's News!

April 13-17

What happened last week?

Last week we began our baseball theme! We started our anchor book, Take Me Out to the Ballgame :) We learned new baseball songs, made baseball crafts, worked on throwing and catching a ball, and worked on identifying different types of sports balls!

What will we learn this week?

This week we will continue reading Take Me Out to the Ballgame! We will continue working on identifying different types of sports balls, matching balls to pictures, labeling different types of balls, and practice throwing, catching, and kicking different types of balls!! And we will play baseball in the gym. We have been working on baseball vocabulary also (1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, home plate, pitcher, bat, baseball glove, strikes etc)
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We will continue to read Matt and Molly Let's Play Baseball.

We work on:

* retelling the story

* answering questions regarding the story

* labeling different objects/actions in the story

*Go outside and practice throwing, catching, and kicking different types of balls

*Work on preposition words (i.e. put the ball on your head, put the ball behind, etc)


MONDAY-Pennants-Cut 2 lines, decorate with stickers, foam letters, dot markers, etc.: scissor skills, pincers to peel stickers, art/creativity, using variety of materials

TUESDAY-Baseball Hats-Draw lines on hat, decorate: prewriting skills to draw lines, art/creativity, using a variety of materials

THURSDAY-B is for Baseball-use dot markers
FRIDAY-Baseball Player-Glue head, face, hat, shirt, ball, and bat on paper: hand strengthening to squeeze glue, construction assembly task

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Upcoming Events!

This week is WEEK OF THE YOUNG CHILD! We will celebrate all of our wonderful little ones! A handout was sent home in the backpack, about special days we will have this week!

Monday-Pajama Day-Have your child wear appropriate pajamas, that is, make sure they are covered for chilly weather and have shoes to wear outside. At home, read a book to your child: label objects in the book and ask him/her questions regarding the story.

Tuesday: Wacky Wardrobe-Have your child wear mismatched, silly clothes to school. At home, play a game with your child which could include matching, counting, or sorting items that you have at home.

Thursday: Favorite Color-Have your child wear their favorite color shirt, hat, pants, etc., to school. At home, fingerpaint or use a variety of tools to paint.

Friday: Favorite Sports Team Apparel-Have your child wear their favorite sports team shirt, hat, pants, etc., to school. At home, play catch, kick a soccer ball or football, throw overhand, or play your favorite sport.

Parent Teacher Conferences are April 22 & 23! No school April 22-24! Make sure you send back the parent teacher conference sign up sheet, I am in the process of scheduling these! Book Fair is during conferences this year it will be open from 8-8 on April 22 and 23.

**Please remember to send your child's library book back by Friday each week so that they check out a new book (we have not had library the past couple of weeks-that is why your child has not brought a book home! I hope we will have it this week)!!

**If you would like to donate to the classroom, we are in need of boxes of kleenex and sandwich sized baggies (preferably the ones that snap or zip closed)! Thank you!!

Other related books

Fun Sensory Tubs for home:


Take Me Out To The Ball Game - Mother Goose Club Rhymes for Kids
I like baseball. - I like tennis. - English song for Kids - Let's sing (Listen and Repeat)
SPORTS BALLS (Song For Kids ♫)