battle of 1812

made by isaac bennett

the causes of the war of 1812

It was started by the british taking our sailors from trade and war ships and making them work in there navy. Then they told the native americans to attack and they did but it was stopped by William henry and andrew jackson. The british also put up a blockade to stop american trade ships to reach Europe. This desative the US economy and made in almost imposable to get war materiel. With all that herny clay and john c calhound was called war hawks all they wanted to do is make a fight with the british. It was many brought on by were they lived and what the indian attacks and the blockade was doing to there homes.

battle regions

At the beginning of the war the U.S tried to invade Canada but is failed miserable. it failed because the british had to many men. To help with the navel america builds old ironside it suck 6 or 7 british ship till it was sunk battle. The large blockade still was a problem but america did not have the navel streath to fight them head on. In the southern regions andrew jackson was fighting the native americans. The most famous battle was the battle of new Orleans were we took new orleans back.

people that made a difference in the war

the effects of the war of 1812

The effects was really good for america they gained respect as a country. They gained respect because they holded there own agenst the strongest navy and army in the world. The blockade help america start there industerl age. It happen because the US could not get any goods out or in of there ports so factory started to pop up to help with the war efforts. America also respected canada not only as a neighbor but as and british neighbor. Even right after the war and the invasion attempts. The native american got the worse of the war they lost land and people in a great number. The native americans had to move wast to lands full of hostile tribes.