Essential Oils

At the Bodhi Holistic Festival

It Was So Nice Meeting You This Past Weekend!

I love sharing about the many benefits of natural and alternative choices for healthy living. For young, old, big or small....I know that these essential oils are truly a gift of the earth.

My passion is also to help those like you become better informed about chemical-free, paraben-free & synthetic-free essential oils and products for your needs!


I will be calling the winners in the next few days to notify if your name was chosen or also to touch base with those that still had any questions about learning more on essential oils in general.

If you did not win, no worries :) I will be offering a sample bottle of your choice at the Essential Oil class on May 12th! To find out more, keep scrollin' on down.

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Come learn about the tremendous benefits of Essential Oils
and how you can take control of your family’s health by using them with natural, safe methods to remedy: colds, flu, fever, ear aches, headaches, anxiety, asthma, skin conditions, back and neck pain, immune support, stress, viral infections, fatigue, ADHD/ADD, chronic issues and more!!!


Tuesday, May 12th, 6:30pm

12131 South Dixie Highway

Miami, FL

Get your babysitters, re-arrange your'll be glad you did!

Lot's of great info. and hands on experiences with essential oils!

You can come early at 6:30pm to grab a tasty Middle-Eastern dinner THEN join us after for the class.

You are welcomed to bring a friend!

Please RSVP with how many guests by responding to this email by May 6th.

Can't make it on this date??? but still want to attend a class to learn more and would be interested in having the class brought right to you... just let me know!

Wellness Advocate and Essential Oil Instructor

Jessica Fadel