Please Stop Laughing At Me...

Jodee Blanco

Author purpose

The author purpose of writing this book is to influence readers, if they are the bully to stop bulling because what you do not think is a big deal can really be causing harm to the the person getting bullied. She also wants to put a spot light on bullying because often bulling is looked upon as kids being kids. When in reality, the victim can be going through really bad depression and can carry insecurities into their adult lives.

Three concept

  • Bullies do not know how much pain they are causing their victim
  • Always stick up for what you belief in
  • Life after high school gets better

Greatest impression

Reading the last chapter made the greatest impression on me because, Jodee built up enough courage to get out of her car and face her former school mates again. She also had enough courage to talk to them about how they mistreated her.


I gave this book a 4 because it seem honest and truthful. The author shared her experience with readers and she told readers about the most vunerable time in her life. She gave us her an inside scoop about all the trauma and misfit she went through her school days.

Two Passages

page 10

page 269


I was surprised when Jodee said she wanted to go too New York University, because of her past. I did not think she would choose such a fast moving city, I though she would choose a small town .