Sunny Friday!

Hats and Cream Please!!!!

I am trusting the forecasters again and preparing for a sunny day tomorrow. We will be in and out all day so please ensure that you send your child with a hat. Please apply a good coating of suncream BEFORE they come to school and if you send the cream with them, they can re-apply at lunch time. We do have some Nivea Children's Factor 50 suncream that we can apply if required. If you are not happy for your child to have this applied please let us know - we would prefer that they had their own (with their name on).

We will now be aiming to eat outside on a Friday so please do not send your child with anything that may be tricky to eat while sitting on a picnic blanket!

Our 50's themed day is ready to go - so lets all do some rock 'n' roll!!!