Trains and Brains! Steam Engine.

Ride in a steam engine powered train today!

What is this great invention?

The Rocket was the first railroad steam engine train that ran of the first tracks of Manchester, to Liverpool. The rocket went at a speed of 36 mph, which at that time was an unknown speed for man.

How Does It Work?

The train works by a fire where the coal burns. A boiler full of water that the fire heats up to make steam. A cylinder and piston, rather like a bicycle pump but much bigger. Steam from the boiler is piped into the cylinder, causing the piston to move first one way then the other. This was the first train to run on railroads. Just Imagine how easy getting to work would be from now on! You should give it a try

Who is the creator?

My name is George Stephenson, and I have built the first public inter-city railway line in the world to use steam locomotives. Before that, I was operating a Newcomen engine at age 19. I did not get a lot of formal education, but that did not stop me from making my vision come true. My first wife died, leaving me with my son Rob. That's when I started getting into locomotives. The train works for me, and it should work for you

Why did I make this?

I made this locomotive and railroad because I wanted to be able to get places a lot faster than going on foot or by horse. This will solve the problem of time, because time is money, and if we can get coal to the factories faster on this train then the industry will flourish. The more we can advance travel time, the more we can get things done.
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How will this affect you?

Imagine you do not have to take 2-12 hours to go from city to city. With the rocket, that takes away all the wasted time of travel into getting you where you need to go. The whole base on this invention is to save time, and time is money. We need efficient workers that are all about saving time to ride our trains, so ride in one today!

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