Google Login Tips


Teacher Logins

  • Your password should be the same as your Midway password
  • When you change your Midway password, your Google password should change
  • If it doesn't, try your old one and then you can manually change your password.
  • If you need your password reset, contact your Instructional Technologist
  • If you have never logged into your Google account, you may have a different "get in" password and your instructional Technologist can help you with that.

Student Logins

  • The biggest error with Google accounts is that students should not include the word "student" in their Google log in
  • The problem is that it says "email" in the blank. Because these are Education google accounts, students do not use their email.
  • Try to use the phrase Google Login to help them with how to log in.
  • Bottom line: I agree, its' confusing!
  • NOTE: Students do NOT have gmail accounts and should use their Midway email addresses for emailing
  • If a student can't get in, contact your instructional technologist.

Example of a student Google Login

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Student Login Help Sheet

This link is on the Middle School website under the Student tab.

Sign in with Google

  • Always look for this "bonus" when deciding which app to use
  • When there are options like Google and Edmodo, a student does not have to create an account and they can use the same login information as their Google or Edmodo account
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