Klondike Wilderness Rescue Company

We are here to keep you safe on your adventures! By: Anna K.

Our shop sells all the things that you need for your journies!

We want to be able to come to small towns and set up our business so that fellow adventurers are only a small distance away from getting all their supplies! We have a lot of amazing things that can make the difference when you are traveling a distance! One of our most favorited products are the energy drinks. Whenever you are out in the snow, it is really easy to lose your energy or even get too confident in your abilities. The traveler got too confident in his abilities and it ended up getting him in trouble. Try some of our booster juicer to help keep you aware and keep your energy up!

Some of our life-changing products!

Use one of our snow guides! The weary traveler wishes he would have listened and heeded to the advice of the elders when they told him to bring a traveling buddy along, but he didn't. We have one here for you to help you in case you get in trouble and need assistance.

Check our hours! Open rain or shine, sunny or snowy!

We are open Monday-Friday from 7am-9pm and Saturday at 8am-10pm. Closed on Sundays.