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Big Brain Quiz

Big Brain Quiz is a great app that provides quizzes from numerous categories. The app features over 1000 questions, five game modes, hints, and colourful graphic themes. Once an answer is selected the app provides additional information about the answer even if the user chose the correct answer. Therefore, this app provides tons of information. Teachers can use this app to create a "trivia time" activity in which the class works together to solve the questions. The teacher can then follow up with a discussion to informally assess student comprehension of facts. Below is a trailer for the app to provide a better idea of what it's all about!
Big Brain Quiz Official Trailer 2013 | Trivia game for iPhone and iPad by Zariba

Chemistry Formulas

Chemistry Formulas is an app that not only allows users to add and save chemistry formulas, but it also stores reference cards, reference guides and reference sheets. Users can add additional information on the formula sheets, such as information about elements. The reference cards provide various information such as, periodic tables, chemistry fundamentals, common ions and their charges, molecular mass, and much more. Students can use this app when learning chemistry concepts or solving chemistry problems; this app is an excellent support for chemistry students!


Bitsboard is an iPad app for younger students that provides games and activities to help improve literacy. This includes word games, spelling games, memory games, and reading practice activities among other games and activities. Below is a video tutorial by Steve Eves, an educator, about some of the features of Bitsboard. One bitsboard he describes is the word builder. This activity provides a scrambled word with a corresponding picture. The student is must unscramble the word and type it in. This activity can support students and help them practice their spelling.
Bitsboard - Apps For Educators


StudyCards allows users to create electronic flashcards. The app also provides a library of over 500 000 ready-made cards that are free to download. Creating flashcards allows students to create their own questions and solve them by connecting information. This allows for active learning as the student works to construct his/her own knowledge (Constuctivism, 2014). Students can use this app to help study material on a regular basis and to help study for tests.

Yabber Magazine

Yabber Magazine is an app that allows younger students to join Yabber and Lily on an interactive adventure of animations, games and activities! Below are some screenshots of what students can expect with this app. Teachers can use this app to teach students information in an interactive way. For instance, in the first screenshot, Yabber and Lily explain what biofuel is in a simple and appealing manner.


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