Friday Focus Richland Elementary

Sept. 16th

Positive Parent Contact

Take a picture of your class to be added to the board outside the lunchroom. Print it off or text it to me to be printed. It can be the whole group or some students involved in an activity. You choose! Some might be chosen for our FB page!


Sept 19 Black

Sept 20 Orange

Sept 21 White

Sept 22 Gray PAT Family Night 5:00

Sept 23 Black--Midterm sent home

Sept 26 Orange

Sept 27 White

Sept 28 Gray

Sept 29 Black

Sept 30 Orange Picture Retake

Professional Development Plans

Log into Nee- Create PDP Plan

3rd Section: Individual Teacher Professional Development (PD) Goal(s)

This must be a SMART goal. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timebound

4th Section: Data Used to Determine PD Goals

What data did you use to help determine your goal?

5th Section: PD Sequence

What PD activities will you complete to accomplish your goals?

Complete Section A and turn in for Pre-Approval by September 15th

September Birthday!!!!

Morgan Hilton

Ryan Neal

Etta Pickney

Ruth Ponce-Batts

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District Policy Review : I hope you are finding the section interesting. If there is policy you are wanting to see covered let me know

P 4630 Staff Conduct

Maintain professional relationships with students. With the exception of students who are immediate family with the staff member, this requirement also includes avoiding situations that could lead to allegations of inappropriate relationships with students, including, but not limited to:

  1. Being present in any setting where students are provided or are consuming alcohol or illegal drugs.
  2. Inviting students to be alone with a staff member at a staff member’s residence, on staff member’s private property, or in a staff member’s motor vehicle without the prior consent of the building principal.
  3. Communicating with students, electronically or in person, about the student’s sexual activity or concerning the staff member’s sexual or romantic conduct.
  4. Being present on District premises alone with a student in a room where the door is closed, the door is locked, or the lights are off, unless required temporarily due to emergency circumstances. Counselors and administrators are exempted from this prohibition in performance of professional duties.
  5. Covering the interior window(s) of instructional space and offices with any material that blocks or obscures outside vision into the space, unless required temporarily due to emergency circumstances.
  6. Communicating with students about sexual topics outside approved District curriculum, unless done as part of a District investigation into sexual abuse or harassment.
  7. Utilizing students to attend to personal errands for the staff member.
  8. Allowing students to drive a staff member’s vehicle.

Note #2. This includes taking students home in your POV.

#4 and 5 Please note that classroom windows should not be fully covered. Remember when we are conferencing with students that doors should be left open.

Student Grading

Grading and Homework Policy:

Having students check other students papers and homework that are used for grading breaks confidentiality rules allowed to each individual. This is not best practices.

PLC Agenda 9/21

1st Quarter Standards Pacing and Assessments

Are you on track for teaching all of your first quarter standards?

How do you know if your students have mastered all of your first quarter standards?

What do we do if they haven't?

** Bring your curriculum and pacing guides

Oct. 10 Professional Development

We will be attending PD day in Crocker. Some of the presenters they will be having is Dr. Dawson from NEE, Brenda Spurgeon will be doing Google Classroom training, Heather Payne will be presenting information on the Ozark Writing Project (geared towards grades 6-8), John Edgar and Connie Schweiss will be there from RPDC, Scott Casman will be presenting programs available through ITV and the keynote speaker will be Tom Krouse - contributing author of the Chicken Soup books.

Survey Results are IN!!!!

Monthly Themes are a go! but it voted that each teacher cover the topic in their classroom for 30-60 minutes only. Let's display the student's work in the hallway and display case! This is a great opportunity to tie in thematic units.

October Pumpkins - Oct. 28

November Thanksgiving Nov. 22

December Polar Bears Dec. 19

January Martin Luther King Jr Jan. 13

February Presidents Feb. 16

March Dr. Seuss Mar. 1

April Earth Day April 21

May Space May 12

Whole Brain Teaching: First Graders Compose Oral Paragraphs!