Six Impossible Things

Cate's impossible things



The Mission

Mrs Bedggood my teacher has given my class a task to write six things that we would like to achieve. She came with this idea because we have been reading a book called 'Six Impossible Things' by Fiona Wood and in this book the main charecter writes six things that he would like to achieve.


Mrs Bedggood

English line 5


Cate Barber

Student at Alfred Deakin High School

My six impossible things


Try to see my dad more. And forgive him for getting engaged.


Try and get along with my sister more even though she always picks fights with me even if i havent done anything.


Try to do what i am told to help my mum out around the house and stuff.


Try to go to school every day so that i am not behind in school work. Then i would get good grades.


Find the cause to my stomach and fix it so that i can go to school.


Get a good job so that i can pay for more of my own stuff instead of my mum having to. Then she would have more money to spend on herself.