Behavioral Adaptations


What is imprinting?

Imprinting is the process when a hatchling, or a new born follows the first moving object after it is born. For example a duckling will hatch and it will follow the mother duck if the mother is by the eggs. The duckling will then think that the mother duck is its mother, although is a human or other animal happens to be walking by when the egg is hatching and the mother duck is away, the duckling will follow that organism. This can ensure survival by knowing what to eat and where to go because the mother will go to the places that she goes to because the mother learned it from the mother of that duck. This can also ensure survival by the mother duck protecting the duckling from any harm.

A New Behavioral Adaptation that I Learned.

A behavioral adaptation that I learned is Habituation and this behavior happens to all animals. What this means is when a animal starts to ignore a stimulus that happens repeatedly. For example, when a turtle's shell is touched, the turtle hides it's head, but after a while the turtle will understand that the stimulus is not a danger, and sometimes, accept the stimulus. This ensures the turtle's survival by adapting to it's surroundings.