Too Much Homework Given to Students

Is the amount of homework given to students too much?

Student Perspective:

Too Much!

Students may worry too much about their homework. The odds of students going home and wanting to do homework instead relaxing are slim. Besides, too much homework for students can cause stress! "Too much homework can stress out a child, and they don't need that at such a young age." says a middle schooler. Another problem caused by homework is the amount of sleep students are getting every night. "I stayed up till 12am doing homework!" A 6th grade source says. Because of lack of sleep students are not as active as they were in the morning. Another problem is that if a student doesn't understand the lesson and does their homework wrong, they mess up their whole paper and makes them more confused.

Should Student Homework Be Limited?

Limited? or Not?

11 out 15 people say YES! The results from several students says it all. Most of the students say homework is overwhelming, time consuming, stressful, and some say they can't go outside or have fun because they have too much homework. With too much homework, students may not be able to get the exercise they need and too much stress can add on to situations the teens already have at home!

Is Homework Really Necessary?

Is too much homework really worth it?

Mostly in high school, students are getting homework that is really unnecessary. Doing unnecessary work that you won't learn from is wasting a students time to get their actual work that they do learn from. Too much unnecessary work can cause a student to have a lot of stress on top of that. DON'T ASSIGN UNNECESSARY HOMEWORK TEACHERS!!!

Teacher Perspective:

It's Not Enough...

Teachers think the amount of homework given to students is fine, if not, it's not enough! Homework should be given out because it is useful to students, some teachers think. A teacher source says, "I believe in homework because it serves as an opportunity for the student to display his or her understanding of the day's lessons without direct help from the teacher." Teachers say homework with the learning and thinking process, although, most do agree that homework needs to be helpful or it's useless. Homework may help the understanding of students lessons from that day, but are they learning? We conducted a survey from 5 teachers at a middle school to see if they think homework is even necessary.

Is Homework Necessary and Should It Be Limited?

Down or Done With?

Here is our surveys results.

Homework is Useful (Not Limited)- 2 Teachers

Some Assigned Homework Is Useful (Limited, Yes+No)- 2 Teachers

Homework is a Waste! (Limited)- 1 Teacher

To conclude this survey, most teachers think that homework is useful to children as long as it is the right kind of homework students can learn from.

Teachers that Don't Like Homework?

The Teacher Didn't do His/Her Homework?

One online teacher source said,"I'm not even looking at it to grade it to see if the answers are correct- it's like, did they get it done? They got it done,i'm giving them points." Yes, few teachers don't even do their homework! They think that work should be taught in school only.

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