by Zach Bumgarner

Methamphetamines is a white odorless, bitter tasting crystalline powder. This is extremely addictive, in fact it is the most addictive drug.

Meth is smoked or snorted but can also be dissolved in water or alcohol and injected. Some slang terms for meth include speed, crystal, amp, white cross, crank, ice, quartz, scooby snax, rocket fuel, go-go juice.

Methamphetamine can do lots of crazy things to your body. Both short and long term.

After taking meth into your body you begin to hallucinate and your blood pressure, body temperature, and heart rate. Long term, meth gives you permanently damaged blood vessels. It can also damage your liver, kidney, lungs and damage tissue if snorted.

Here is what meth can do to your appearance.......


Signs of Abuse

Meth abusers typically do not sleep for long periods of time, lose their appetite, and can seem nervous or anxious. In the long run this person will lose large amounts of weight and may appear to be very inactive. Meth is psychologically addictive meaning your body can't live without it once you are addicted. There are people that are highly psychologically addicted so they smoke or inject the meth to get high quicker instead of snorting it. Meth also can be psychically addictive because the things people see and feel while taking meth can distort their minds. They feel the only way to get these things back or away from them is to keep taking the drug.