School Counseling Update

Academic, Career, & Personal/Social Development resources


Welcome back to the 2023-2024 school year. We hope that your student(s) have had a great three weeks back in school. We would like for you to know who your School Counselors are, our roles, and who works closely with our department.

School Counselor not Guidance Counselor

Social/Emotional Development

School Counselors have always been dedicated to addressing the whole student. We want students to perform as well as possible in their classes. In order for that to occur School Counselors are available to help students cope with social and emotional issues that may arise in their daily lives. School Counselors collaborate with teachers, administrators, School Psychologists, Mental Health Therapists, parents, and other outside agencies to assure there are resources at hand to help our students. Since we are not therapists, we sometimes have to refer students to those outside agencies for the level of assistance they need. (One on One meetings, small groups, Classroom presentations, referrals to outside agencies like the Department of Mental Health)

Academic Development

School is about Academic Development. Enrolling in classes that will enhance students' knowledge, as well as prepare them for the world after high school, whether it will be work or more school. Whatever the path, we want to make sure students graduate and have the prerequisites necessary. Test prep resources, organizational tips, time management, college entrance requirements, military entrance exam prep, plus more are what School Counselors share with students and parents. Advising on academic development is a large part of what we do. (IGP annual meetings, classroom presentations, Info nights, etc.)

Career Development

Great Academic Development work hand and hand with Career Development.

School Counselors along with Career Specialists work to provide students with the tools to make the best informed decisions for their futures. Job Shadowing, Internships, Apprenticeships, Career speakers, summer and part-time employment are all ways to learn about what careers match their interests. Even if they change their minds, we want them to be aware of where to go for resources. (Lunch N Learns, Info Tables, Field trips, Speakers, etc.)

SOA School Counseling Department

The mission of Charleston County School of the Arts Counseling Department is to provide a comprehensive school counseling program that empowers all students while embracing their individual artistic differences. In partnership with administrators, teachers, parents, and key stakeholders, school counselors provide a continuum of support for academic achievement, career and personal/social development; simultaneously, preparing all students to compete in a global economy and make a positive contribution to our community.