Keeping Up With The Kennedy

December 15, 2019- Issue 14


The Student Council will be hosting a Spirit Week starting on Monday, December 16th. A theme has been decided for each day. The themes are as follows:

Monday, December 16th: School Pride- Show your bulldog pride by wearing any Canton gear or green to show school spirit!

Tuesday, December 17th: Sports Day- Wear your favorite sports team colors or gear to support them!

Wednesday, December 18th: Wacky Wednesday- Mismatched outfits, brightly colored clothes, crazy hair! Dare to be different!

Thursday, December 19th: Throwback Thursday- Wear any style clothes from the past!

Friday, December 20th: Feeling Comfy Friday- PJ day- Wear your favorite comfy clothes to get in the spirit for our holiday sing-a-long!


Students have been learning about Self-Management. At our assembly on Wednesday, teachers recognized students who excelled in this area. Congratulations to everyone. On Monday, December 16 we will be having a breakfast for those students and their families.

Mrs. Blanchard's Class

Students modeled the formation of sedimentary rock in oceans and lakes over millions of years. They pressed together layers of sediment, the bits of silt, sand, rock, dead plants and animals that are dropped by flowing water, glaciers, and wind. Shells were included to represent fossils formed when the layers of sediment turn to stone
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Miss Gushue's Class

While studying weather, students learned about cardinal directions and made weather vanes. They took them outside to test the direction of the wind. Students tracked the daily weather and made predictions. They graphed their results on the temperature and weather patterns. They were joined by our STEM Coordinator Mrs. Donavan.

Mrs. Foley's Tech Class

Ms. Mourad's Kindergarten and Mrs. Myerson’s Grade 1 students program Bee-Bots using a set of instructions or ”algorithms” during technology class.

Mrs.Myerson's Class

Students were working on their math facts and discovering how addition and subtraction are related. Students tossed “snowballs” onto a mat. They recorded the groups that landed ON their mat and OFF their mat, and then wrote the addition sentence to match. Then, they wrote a related subtraction fact

Upcoming Events

December 16 Mallet Madness

Pawsembly Breakfast

December 18 Report Cards mailed home

Mini Athletes

December 19 Play Rehearsal

Kids for Peace

December 20 Early Release

Holiday Sing-a-Long

December 23-January 1 Holiday Break

Ad Hoc School Calendar Advisory Committee

The School Committee has established a subcommittee tasked with determining what calendar configuration best serves the educational needs of our students. The subcommittee will comprise parents, teachers, administrators and staff. Committee members will research how other districts handle their calendars, help with survey design and response review, assist with forums, and report findings to the School Committee We are looking for a parent representative from each of the district's schools. If you would like to volunteer to serve on the committee, please email Maureen Moran at If we receive multiple volunteers from an individual school, a drawing will be held on Thursday, Dec. 19, prior to the School Committee meeting, to select that school's representative.

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