Summer of Science

Walking through nature

Starved Rock's Earth Science

My trip involved Earth Science. I knew I was experiencing Earth science because they were many rocks that I got to observe. I also saw many new kinds of trees, mini canyons, and a dry stream bed.

Where'd the water go?

On our trip we managed to go there at the worst time, dry time. But, because it was so dry we got to go inside a stream bed. When we looked inside we saw the water erosion on the sides from where the water fell. Where you can see the sand in the second photo was where the water was supposed to be. So as you can see we would not be able to go in when there was water! This was actually quit fun.

About Me

I am a very hard worker. But I am also a kid and I am not perfect. I will try my hardest but sometimes I may forget my homework or zoom out in class. As you know I am a dancer and that is no excuse, I agree, but I can get tired and then there is also having to share a house with Noah. Again I will try my hardest this year but I can be very forgetful of homework