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February 1, 2021

CCA Motto: To share the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, preparing hearts and minds to impact the world for Him.

CCA Guiding Principles: We teach 1) Christian Principles and Character, through 2) Christ Centered Academic Excellence, while promoting 3) American Patriotism.

Parent Reminders

  • Monday, February 1st (that's tonight): 7/8th grade parents meeting/pizza party in the CCA cafeteria at 6:30-7:30
  • Friday, February 4th: CCA roundup day 9-12am
  • Wednesday, February 10th: Sophomores visit the Clinton Technical School from 8:15-10:00.
  • Friday, February 12th: 5/6th student council meeting at 7:15-7:45am.
  • Friday, February 5th: Students may wear KC Chiefs clothing (shirts, jerseys & jeans) or the colors of Red, Yellow or White in place of our CCA Patriot wear.

January Character Trait... Kindness

January’s character trait is kindness! We spoke to a few of our CCA students about what kindness means to them along with how they see kindness in our everyday life! Here are their responses:

Elizabeth from 5th grade says, “It means you are respectful of others and you will help them if they need help. You see kindness in people who help the homeless and who give them food. Also in schools if someone needs help with their education and someone tutors them.”

Ryder, who is in 1st grade, believes, “Kindness is not being mean. If someone drops something someone else could pick it up for them.”

Eli from 8th grade thinks,” Kindness means caring, and just being nice. In everyday life I see kindness in helping those who need it.”

Sports Calendar

February 1st:

  • 5/6th, JV, and Varsity girls basketball practice at 3:10-4:45

February 2nd:

  • 5/6th, JV, and Varsity girls basketball practice at 3:10-4:45
  • MOKAN JH boys tournament. Time and location TBA

February 3rd:

  • JV, and Varsity girls basketball practice at 3:10-4:45
  • 5/6th girls basketball practice at Calvary Hall at 3:15-4:45

February 4th:

  • MOKAN JH boys tournament. Time and location TBA
  • JV and Varsity girls basketball practice at 3:10-4:45
  • 5/6th girl basketball practice at Calvary Hall at 3:15-4:45

February 5th:

  • MOKAN JH boys tournament. Time and location TBA
  • JV and Varsity girls basketball practice at 3:10-4:45

February 6th:

  • MOKAN JH boys tournament. Time and location TBA

February 8th:

  • MOKAN Varsity tournament
  • 5/6th girls basketball practice at CCA at 3:10-4:45

February 9th:

  • MOKAN Varsity tournament
  • 5/6th girls basketball practice at CCA at 3:10-4:45

February 10th:

  • Varsity girls basketball practice at 310-4:45
  • 5/6th girls basketball practice at Calvary Hall at 3:15-4:45

February 11th:

  • MOKAN Varsity tournament
  • 5/6th girls and boys basketball tournament at St. Peters

February 12th:

  • MOKAN Varsity tournament
  • 5/6th girls and boys basketball tournament at St. Peters

February 13th:

  • MOKAN Varsity tournament
  • 5/6th girls and boys basketball tournament at St. Peters


Chapel on January 22nd was presented by Justin Wright, Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Windsor. He spoke on having patience. He began by talking about how we as humans try to control our own situations. He then told the Bible story about Daniel. Through wisdom from God, Daniel was a trustworthy prophet, who could even interpret other people’s dreams. Daniel did not get mad or try to take matters into his own hands when bad things happened to him. Instead he prayed to God, which is what we should do, and had patience that God would help him since he was a believer.

CCA Alumni... Where are They Now?

Micah Melling is this week’s CCA alumni. When asked about if CCA impacted his life in any way, he said “CCA has had a profound impact on my life. Learning about Jesus and the Scriptures each day in school created a lasting impact. Likewise, the rigor in academic topics prepared me for success in high school and beyond. Specifically, I’ve found the memorization, writing, and public-speaking skills to be particularly important for me. These are crucial elements that are not emphasized in many educational settings.” He absolutely feels that his education at CCA made a difference to where he is at now. CCA set a strong basis for having Jesus in his life to help him through hard times. He says “The importance of knowing the Bible cannot be overstated. When asked who his favorite teachers were, he said “I attended CCA from 2nd-8th grade, and only had four different teachers! Of note, the school started when I was in 2nd grade. I was a perfectionist as a child, and Mrs. Thornton always reminded me I was “wonderfully made”. Mrs. Kimbrell was my teacher for three years. She had high expectations of her students but also knew how to allow us to learn while having fun. Mrs. Mattlin was one of the kindest, sweetest souls I’ve ever met. Mrs. Straw knew how to connect with teenagers and prepare us for public high school. The teachers at CCA truly cared about me, and that fact made all the difference.” Micah has a few lifelong friends from CCA, including Nolan Groff, and Casey Wetzel. They all started as charter members in second grade, and graduated 8th grade from CCA. He attended high school at Clinton Highschool, and graduated in 2011. He feels blessed that he attended Clinton Highschool, and to have been involved in so many activities there. He received his BSBA in economics and business management from the University of Central Missouri in 2015. He also completed a Master’s in Data Science from Rockhurst University in 2020. Micah has no siblings, and dealt with ups and downs from being an only child. Thankfully, he was blessed with childhood best friends, and never really felt lonely. When asked about his future life plans, Micah said, “I currently live in Kansas City and have no plans to move. After I graduated from college, I moved to Washington, D.C. for a couple of years, but God opened up an opportunity for me to move closer to home. I still come to Clinton frequently to see my mom. My dad unfortunately passed away 10 years ago. I’m currently employed as Chief Data Scientist for Americo Financial Life and Annuity, located in downtown KC. I also help lead data science efforts at Americo’s sister companies. I primarily build machine learning models, which I find fascinating and rewarding. I’d like to continue growing at Americo over the upcoming years. I have a data science blog, and I’m also working on a book. I will continue to seek opportunities to help others learn the field since so many individuals have helped me.” Micah is a huge baseball fan, and loves the Royals. He was at the 2014 Wildcard Playoff game, their first playoff win in 29 years, which was one of the coolest experiences of his life. He is also a big Chiefs fan, and is glad that they have been winning the past two years. Micah's other hobbies include traveling, theater, and his job.

Varsity Girls Win

The Girls Varsity Basketball team faced the Fort Scott Mustangs on January 18, 2021. During the first quarter the girls pushed hard offensively and had acquired 17 points! During the rest of the game, their defense was tight and effective. Jessica had 18 rebounds during the game creating her personal best! The Fort Scott Mustangs were the only team to previously have a win above their heads, and the CCA Lady Patriots have taken that win back with their hard work and determination! The CCA Lady Patriots hustled and played a strong, close, exhilarating game producing a win of 37-33 points!

CCA Basketball Senior Night

CCA hosted senior night on Friday, January 22nd. The four senior basketball players are Lydia, Molly, Joshua, and Isaiah. The players were escorted onto the court by their parents while being recognized by the crowd. During the ceremony, juniors Chloe and Jon read the about the senior's lives and achievements. Good luck seniors!

Junior High and 5/6th Grade Games

The 5/6 grade girls played against St. Peters on January 21nd. The girls played hard but were ultimately defeated. CCA played aggressively with several rebounds and scoring drives. Carissa played very hard and Vivian had a good rebound.

The JH Boys played against St. Peters on January 21nd. The game was a nail biter to the end, but the Patriots were not able to pull through with the victory. Although the Patriots lost, Corban and Gavin had a good game with rebounds.

The JH Girls played against St. Peters on January 21nd. The game was a close one up to the very end, but they were not able to emerge victorious. Olivia had a good game on the offensive end, and Isabella had a good defensive game.

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Henny

Mrs. Henny is the second grade teacher at CCA. This is her second year at CCA, but she has been teaching for three years. She has also taught first grade. Mrs. Henny has been married to her husband, Justin, for ten years. She has one child, Sarah, who is in the fourth grade this year. Mrs. Henny attended UCM and her favorite class to teach is Math. She doesn’t just teach, she is also a track coach. Last year was her first year coaching, but the season was cut short due to Coronavirus; therefore, track was only a week long last year. She says that she is optimistic for the 2021 season.


Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is sponsoring a Candy Gram Fundraiser for the students of CCA. The money FBLA raises will go towards FBLA fees, trips, other fundraisers, and community service. A candy gram form was sent in through email to parents so they can send their children one of the different forms of candy grams that are offered. If it is not possible to print out a candy gram form to send into the school, you can email your order to “” and send in the funds to the school. A FBLA member will be dressing up as cupid to go and deliver the candy grams to the students. The three choices for candy grams are a piece of candy with a tag attached with who it is from and to, a balloon with an assorted bag of candy attached to the bottom as a balloon weight with a tag attached with who it is from and to on it, and the last choice is a can of soda with candy, ribbon, and tissue paper glued on to make it look like a bouquet of flowers. These candy grams will be sent out on Friday, February 12th. The last day to send in candy grams form is today, Monday, February 1st.

FBLA is sponsoring a family movie night. This will take place on Friday, March 5th from 6pm to 8pm. There will be a showing of “The Lion King” in the gym. You can bring your own blankets and pillows to spread out in the gym. There will be popcorn, soda, water, and candy to purchase at this event. This is for grades K4-12th. This is a donation only event.

FBLA is also sponsoring a babysitting night. This will be on Saturday, March 27th from 5pm to 9pm. This is a donation only event to sponsor FBLA. There will be a movie, games, coloring center, a snack walk, and also a snack provided. This is for all CCA students and siblings; however, you must call the CCA Office at 660-890-2111 to RSVP.


During the 4H Meeting on Friday, January 22, 2021 new activities in the community were discussed. The students involved in 4H presented presentations on how to do different things such as peeling an orange, painting someone’s nails, or braiding hair. 4H is starting to talk about projects and are hopeful for a carnival in the Spring.

5th Grade MOPS

The CCA 5th grade students attended MOPS on Wednesday, January 20th. MOPS stands for mothers of preschoolers. The purpose of the organization is for the moms to do a Bible study while their kids play in the nursery. The 5th graders took the role of watching the kids so the moms could have adult conversation/worship time.The organization goes from infants all the way up to nine year olds. This is the first time the 5th graders have gone this year due to Covid. Kynlee and Miyah said they watched the toddler group and had lots of fun playing with them. Overall , the 5th graders seemed excited to participate in MOPS and are ready to do it again.

On This Day in History

On this day in history, January 29th

1944- The USS Missouri launched from the New York Navy yard on this day.

1945- Tom Selleck was born on his day, a very famous actor

1959- Disney releases hit film “Sleeping Beauty”

1981- Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” dominates the charts as people relate the song with the movie

1995- The 49ers became the first team to win 5 superbowl titles