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About Me

Corey Mcclain

Hello my name is Corey Keith Mcclain. I was born on the 3rd of December. As it turns out I'm not the only child. I have 2 other brothers and 1 sister. I attend Childersburg High School. I've been attending Childersburg High for 4 years. I'm planning to go attend Wallace State for about 2 years. I am avid music listener. I have almost about 700 songs on my ipod.

My Hobbies

In my spare time I like to listen to music and edit pictures I take. apply really cool effects to them. I also like to study different acting styles by watching different genres of television shows.

Past Job

I worked in Fairfax, Virginia the past summer at Domino's. It was a really great experience working from home. I had a fun time working with other people other than the same people I know. I worked there for about a month.
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Global Scholar Results

The results above show my improvement over the years of the test was given. This test monitored my progress from the first time I took it, to the last time I took it. Each time I took it I got above the District average score. Each time I took it I improved.
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Freedom Writers Project (Collaboration)

This project was in a English with Mrs. Wright, we had to work together in groups of four to create and work on a Google presentation. We used Google Drive in creating a power-point to go over the historical facts on the Little Rock Nine.

Hope In the Holocaust (Creativity)

In my English class, we were assigned to create a word cloud of the reoccurring themes in the novel Night by Elie Wissel. Wissel was a Holocaust survivor.
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Forensic Science (Collaboration)

The link above directs you to Google Doc that has a video project which was assigned to myself and 3 three other students. We collaborated together to study the history of known serial killer Ted Bundy. This was assigned my 11th grade year.

Extra- Curricular Activities

I served as the school manager for the football and basketball teams for 4 years. My duties included setup/breakdown for practice, filming, laundry, and many other tasks assigned by the coaching staff.
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Plans After High School

Attend Wallace State in Hanceville, AL. I plan to attend there for about 2 years and Major in Theater and Psychology. After that I plan to migrate to New York to start a career in Acting.
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Letter of Recommendation

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Spanish Essay (Creativity)

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Reflection of My Spanish Years In High School

I've had two years of Spanish. I've learned the do's and don't's in spanish. It's has taught me in my two year experience that practice makes perfect. I enjoyed the project in which we had to research a Spanish speaking country. That was really enlightening to me. I will take my Spanish experience to new heights and use them to my advantage in everyday life. I may have struggled with it school, I'm going to make it better in life.

Panama (Commercial Project)

I enjoyed this assignment. It allowed me to use iMovie which I enjoy using. I researched a spanish speaking country. I loved working with Noah Smith. It helped with my collaboration skills.