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Boltzmann was born in Vienna, the capital of the Austrian Empire. His father, Ludwig Georg Boltzmann, was a revenue official. His grandfather, who had moved to Vienna from Berlin, was a clock manufacturer, and Boltzmann's mother, Katharina Pauernfeind, was originally from Salzburg. He received his primary education from a private tutor at the home of his parents. Boltzmann attended high school in Linz, Upper Austria.After high school he went to University of Vienna where he studied physics. He really didn't have anything that pushed him to be a scientist as a child but once he started he keep going with what he loved. He died in 1906.

Hardships faced during scientific career

He had to go through multiply trials. He's final one was the most successful. He did not get along with some of his colleagues in Vienna, particularly Ernst Mach, who became a professor of philosophy and history of sciences in 1895. It also took him a while to develop his theories and equations. Also he had a tricky time working wit atoms.

Major experiment or contribution that shaped history

Boltzmann's most important scientific contributions were in kinetic theory, including the Maxwell–Boltzmann distribution for molecular speeds in a gas. Much of the physics establishment did not share his belief in the reality of atoms and molecules. e had a long-running dispute with the editor of the preeminent German physics journal of his day, who refused to let Boltzmann refer to atoms and molecules as anything other than convenient theoretical constructs. He worked very hard and long to better this theory.

The Boltzmann equation was developed to describe the dynamics of an ideal gas. his equation describes the temporal and spatial variation of the probability distribution for the position and momentum of a density distribution of a cloud of points in single-particle phase space. The first term on the left-hand side represents the explicit time variation of the distribution function, while the second term gives the spatial variation, and the third term describes the effect of any force acting on the particles. The right-hand side of the equation represents the effect of collisions.

The idea that the second law of thermodynamics or "entropy law" is a law of disorder (or that dynamically ordered states are "infinitely improbable") is due to Boltzmann's view of the second law.he second law, he argued, was thus simply the result of the fact that in a world of mechanically colliding particles disordered states are the most probable. oltzmann accomplished the feat of showing that the second law of thermodynamics is only a statistical fact. The gradual disordering of energy is analogous to the disordering of an initially ordered pack of cards under repeated shuffling, and just as the cards will finally return to their original order if shuffled a gigantic number of times, so the entire universe must some day regain, by pure chance, the state from which it first set out.

Awards and acknowledgements

Ludwig Boltzmann


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Extra Credit

I feel that my scientist is the best in history because he has a lot and huge accomplishments. He was went over other scientist work and had break through and sometimes better outcomes. Boltzmann has formed his own equations and other constant information. He has also developed his own laws that has helped society today. Everything he did mad a impact big or small.

I also feel that he is the best because he worked with the kinetic theory that has made a huge impact on science. he also is one of the first to work with speeds and gas. Not every scientist and philosopher can do that. He also has a lot of degree's and although he often didn't get along with his colleagues he didn't let that stop him. No matter what you call him Physicist, Philosopher, or professor he has impacted everyone not only science.