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Friday, May 13, 2016


Wednesday, May 18 - Grade 1 concert 1:30 PM

Friday, May 20 - Field Day

Did You Know.....

Each week I try to call out one thing about our school or staff that parents and students may not know...

The original Slackwood School contained two rooms. In 1909 the frame structure was raised and a two room brick addition was added, creating four rooms.

Slackwood Day at The Trenton Thunder

What turned out to be a gorgeous day, was also an amazing day for Slackwood School and our students as it was Slackwood Day at the Trenton Thunder - Arm and Hammer Ball Park last Sunday. Our students had the opportunity to throw out the first pitch and sing the National Anthem. Shane Mitchell was the honorary First Pitch for the whole thing. It was a great day for Slackwood and our community.
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Mrs. Foehr's Class wins the change war!

Mrs. Foehr's class was the winner of the change war at the last BookFair and for that, they received books from the change they accumulated and also were the winners of the water fight with Mr. Billy and his accomplices. It was a nice water fight but Mr. Billy did not fight fair, having water guns stored on the course and buckets of water hidden behind the trees.
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The Magic School Bus visits

Thanks to the hard work of Mrs. Jerez and an LTEF Grant, The Magic School Bus made the rounds of Lawrence Township Public Schools this week. The Magic School Bus is filled with hands-on opportunities for students to explore and learn. It helped that Mrs. Frizzle (Mrs. Saretzky) was there to guide the bus.
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Healthy Birthday Treats

I have to say it just one more time...Please try to follow district health guidelines when sending in treats for your children. Guidelines say that we can not serve items where sugar is the first ingredient.

Each teacher celebrates birthdays differently and it's not our job to even celebrate but we try to acknowledge birthdays. I'm still seeing those store bought cupcakes with piled high icing coming in for student birthdays. We spend a lot of time teaching our students about healthy living practices and it is hard when we don't model these practices by giving them healthy snacks. Let's try to do better! Thank you!

Slackwood Represents and Celebrates

Each year Slackwood School participates in the township Memorial Day Parade. This year, the Township is celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor and the 25th Anniversary of Desert Storm. If you are a Slackwoodian parent, grandparent or family member, we and the Township would like to recognize you during the parade. Please contact me at and we will make you part of this celebration.

Slackwood Elementary School

Slackwood is the oldest school in the Lawrence Township Public Schools. We provide education for students in grades PreK through third grade.